Awaken Your Proprioception: A FREE Yoga Medicine Seminar with Amy Sedgewick, MD.

Understand the pathways in the brain that help determine the body’s position in space, and discover a new perspective on movement that will change the way you practice and teach yoga.

Ready for more? Our 55-hour Nervous System and Restorative Yoga Training is now LIVE and open for enrollment!

The nervous system is in many ways the ruler of the body and mind, the effects we see here spill over into all the other systems of the body. This system is also responsible for a large part of what we can quantify in the therapeutic effects of the yoga practice. This teacher training will look at the function of the nervous system, common pathologies, and invaluable adaptations to incorporate into a yoga practice.

The tools learned in this restorative training are some of the most effective means of soothing the nervous system. We’ll investigate the “what, why, and how” for the application of restorative yoga as a method of regulating the nervous system. This teacher training will explore how to shape the practice specifically to address nervous system dysfunction, how to teach/use restorative yoga, and most importantly, the relevance of this system towards many different pathologies and how to utilize these concepts within the yoga practice.

Here are the main topics that we will cover during the Nervous System and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Internal Medicine: Nervous System

    • CNS & Regions of the Brain & Cranial Nerves
    • Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves & PNS
    • Brainstem & Breath
    • Heart Rate Variability, Limbic System & Cerebellum
    • Sensory & Motor Systems, Motor Processing
    • ANS & Neurotransmitters
    • Neuroimmunology, Neurodynamics & Pain
    • Nerve Flossing Techniques
    • Common Neurologic Problems/Diseases and Applications
    • Putting It All Together in a Yoga Context
  • Restorative Yoga

    • Restorative Yoga & Stress Processing
    • Restorative Yoga Implications in Trauma & Stress
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Applications to Restorative Yoga
    • Why & When to Use Restorative Yoga
    • Cautions with Restorative Yoga
    • Detailed Understanding of each Pose, it’s Purpose, & Props Used
    • Sequencing
    • Everything you need to know to create an impactful, therapeutic restorative practice