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105: Tackling Sacroiliac Joint Pain: Community Conversations with Kelsea Wright

It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of us will experience low back pain at [...]

98: The Pros & Cons of Using Anatomy in Yoga

There is no shortage of strong opinions on what areas of study are appropriate for [...]


78: Pain Science Insights on Performance: Expert Insights with Marnie Hartman

We don’t all strive for elite physical performance, but we do all place demands on [...]


63: Yoga & Osteoporosis: Community Conversations with Michaela Smith

In this episode, we are talking about a hidden aspect of health: bone density. Decreased [...]


61: What to Expect When You Dissect

There are always plenty of questions about dissections and how to prepare for them. Today, [...]

58: Supercharge Your Practice with Lymphatics: Expert Insights with Tiffany Cruikshank L.Ac, MAOM

Today Tiffany shares her passion for one of the body’s lesser-known and appreciated organ systems, [...]

51: Breast Cancer & Yoga: Expert Insights with Breast Cancer Surgeon Doreen Wiggins MD

Today host Rachel talks to Breast Cancer Surgeon Doreen Wiggins MD about yoga and breast [...]


24: Yoga & Injury, Part 2

Last week we opened a conversation about yoga and injury. Tiffany and Rachel talked about [...]

23: Yoga & Injury, Part 1

Injuries are, to some extent, inevitable in life. So when injuries do occur, when should [...]

15: Shifting Persistent Pain with Marnie Hartman, DPT, CSCS

In today’s episode, we unpack persistent pain with Marnie Hartman. Marnie has a doctorate in [...]

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