The RAD Roller


We’re just going to give it to you straight: the patent-pending RAD Roller is the most functional massage and release tool ever designed. It works everywhere on you (precise enough to target almost every muscle in your body) and everywhere you go (it’s crazy compact and perfectly portable). Plus, this thing is super easy to use. Now there’s no need for a second set of hands to get that rejuvenating back or body massage you’re aching for.

The RAD Rollers come in 4 different densities:

  • Blue – the original roller. Its texture is soft enough to use on more sensitive areas like your neck, yet hard enough to unlock tougher muscles everywhere else
  • Green – a softer roller. The Soft RAD roller offers a more gentle touch, making it perfect for newbies. Its slightly “cushier” texture also makes it ideal for massaging your neck, scalp and more delicate areas of the body
  • Black – the stiff roller. Ideal for athletes and others looking for a little more intensity, the Stiff RAD Roller has a harder texture and bends less in the middle so you can turn it sideways and work areas like your pectorals (chest) and inner leg
  • XL Blue –  Want to work on your lower back? Bigger framed person? We’ve got what you’re looking for. The RAD Roller XL is around 30% bigger to accommodate larger athletes and to provide a stable base for the lumbar spine

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: Blue, Green, Black are 4.9″ x 2.5″. The Blue XL is 5.6″ x 2.8″
  • Materials: Silicone, Latex Free
  • Colors: Blue (original); Green (soft); Black (stiff)
  • Unit weight: 13oz (Blue & Green); 14oz (Black); 17oz (Blue XL)
  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises
  • Compatible with the RAD Block for additional leverage and stability

Are you a studio owner looking to order in bulk? Contact RAD directly for wholesale options:

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