Aisa Locsin

Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist

Aisa is a mother, yoga teacher and trainer, runner, surfer, diver, climber and jiujiteira, based in Manila, Philippines. Her love for movement and functional anatomy have influenced her classes to have a strong focus on finding the balance of strength, flexibility and mobility, allowing you to move with ease, purpose and intention, so that Yoga Asana can be a healing and therapeutic practice. She has led 200-hour teacher trainings in Yoga Plus, her home studio in Manila, and for All Yoga, around Southeast Asia.

Aisa’s Bio

Aisa is a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist and a bulk of her practice is focused on private classes, where she focuses on teaching yoga therapeutically to athletes and the elderly, specifically to those experiencing joint dysfunction and pain.

She has been teaching since 2011, and continues to study diligently as a perpetual student of Yoga and of life.

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