Aisha Fakhro

Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist, YACEP, LAPHP, LNRPC

Aisha is trained as a yoga teacher and psychotherapist, and has a deep love for accompanying students and clients on their journey to feel more comfortably at home within themselves and in the world. Her classes are designed to support students to connect to movement integrity, to embodied qualities that enhance resilience and ease, and to the essence of a mindful practice.

Based in Bahrain, she teaches general classes, embodiment workshops, continuing education workshops for wellness professionals, and yoga teacher trainings. She also works one on one with clients both in person and online.

Aisha’s Bio

When she found yoga and therapy, she fell in love with the doors of discovery both worlds supported her to explore, and became interested in how we can cultivate practices that honor our shared humanity so that their ripple effect can extend far beyond the mat (or therapy room).

Having immersed herself in a variety of embodied practices including vocal work, contemporary dance, the aerial arts, improv and mindfulness, she loves bringing together different elements from these worlds that can give us access to various aspects of ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Aisha is an infinitely curious student, and is very passionate about breaking down complex topics (such as anatomy, nervous system physiology, and the workings of the human psyche) into simple and accessible concepts that are easy to apply in day to day life. She works with students of all ages and backgrounds, with an emphasis on creating an integrative practice that nurtures curiosity, wonder, resilience, nervous system harmony and compassion.

Two of her favorite things are taking naps and going on adventures.

You can connect with her and find out more through her website: Soft Strength with Aisha Fakhro

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