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Marnie Hartman holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Her drive for compassionate, authentic interactions and connection to the good in all humans and the wild, led her to a simple life and challenging practice in the bush community of Haines, Alaska.

It was here where she first developed an interest in learning how to care for those in persistent pain. She quickly realized the supportive container yoga held for people engaging in pain care. She has incorporated pain science education and yoga as part of her clinical care and teaching for the last decade.

Marnie’s Bio

Marnie owns and operates a private physical therapy and yoga practice, has been an instructor for International Spine and Pain Institute, and an Education Contributor for Yoga Medicine. She Co-Authored, “Pain Science Yoga Life” published 2020. You can connect with her via her website, Body IQ: Physical Therapy & Yoga Medicine, or on social media (see Facebook & Instagram links above). Although she admits to being a passive user of social media, she will respond to direct engagements. Marnie is also available for virtual consultations.

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