Steph Wall

Yoga Teacher & Creator, The Kali Collective Yoga Studio

A lover of the unseen, insatiably curious and forever diving into the darkness, Steph owes much of her knowledge to the whispers yoga gave her to keep discovering, unravelling and growing amid her darkest days. Always learning from life itself, Yoga has become the container she uses to hold herself in as she reclaims the wild, mysterious, essence inside of her.

Steph’s Bio

Steph feels a deep and powerful call to translate the complex and rich tradition of Yoga to the modern-day human looking to develop themselves consciously, authentically and deeply. She continually expands her knowledge in several different domains of Yoga to grow with the tradition as it grows with her. Standing side by side with the tradition, her students, nature and the mysteries of life, Steph dives deep into the unknown to discover the complex, intricate and potent curiosities of life.

Steph has been practicing Yoga for over a decade and completed over 1000 hours of training. Her primary teachers are Julia McCabe and Tiffany Cruikshank. Her passion lies in discovering the physical body and the complexities of Hinduism, translated through vinyasa and yin yoga.

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