Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist Content Submission


As a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, you are the thought leaders of our community. We welcome you to submit any new or existing content on an ongoing basis that you would like us to amplify on social media!

How does it work?

  • Submit this form with a new (or existing!) piece of value-based content that you would love to get more eyes on.
  • We will choose the posts that feel most helpful & relevant to our YM community and schedule this into our planned content calendars. We will always use the collaboration feature so that our reach, likes, and shares -> become your reach, likes and shares! This is such a useful way to grow your online community and share your work with a broader audience.
  • We will choose a CTA that’s relevant to you and the post, whether that’s a link to take one of your YMO classes, read an article you wrote, save the post, or enroll in a course/training you teach.
  • Note, we cannot promote personal paid offers at this time, but we will drive traffic to your page where you can promote them as much as you’d like.

The types of value-based content we’re looking for are:

  • Specialty-based: are you an expert in a specific area of study? Medical providers, clinicians, Ph.D’s, researchers or yoga teachers that specialize in a specific area like fascia or mental health. A good example is fascia expert Katja’s recent SCM post
  • Demographic-specific: does your work focus on a specific demographic like seniors, athletes, Parkinson’s or MS? A good example is Jenni’s post on tissue resilience for athletes.
  • Myth-busting: are there common misconceptions about certain practices or modalities that you’d like to address? A good example is Rachel’s common misconceptions about core strength post.
  • Practice specific insights: Do you have unique or interesting cues, alignment insights, pose modifications or approaches that our community of teachers might find helpful?