Easing Back into Practice

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Taking a break from your mat and looking to dip your toe back in gently? Try this sequence of classes to get you back into an accessible routine, while reminding you how your practice can be a source of strength and support, rather than yet another demand on your time. Six practices, mostly 20mins or less, are listed in my favorite order, but there’s space for you to schedule a free day, as well as the two longer practices, where they best fit in your week.

Session 1 is to get you back into the habit of listening to your body with compassionate curiosity. Session 2 reminds you that practice doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming; sometimes it’s just about unwinding after work, study or commuting so that you are more able to enjoy the rest of your day or evening. Session 3 revisits a wide range of foundational poses, making awareness and intention the primary guide in your practice, rather than being driven by determination or perceived rules of alignment. Session 4 is all about letting go of any lingering tension or dissatisfaction from your day, using your practice as a soothing balm for mind and body. Session 5 is a longer slow flow practice, an opportunity to explore how to use the yoga toolkit you’ve rediscovered to nourish and nurture yourself. Session 6’s mindfulness meditation can fit anywhere in your day - whether you feel distracted, disconnected or overwhelmed, or simply wish to revisit the simple full body awareness you cultivated in Session 1.

Curated By:

Rachel Land


Expand Awareness Body Scan

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15 min

Dana Diament


Quick Reset after Sitting

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Hatha Vinyasa

15 min

Rachel Land


Foundations: Purposeful Practice

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30 min

Jenni Tarma


Evening Wind Down

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20 min

Dana Diament


Nourish Yourself

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Hatha Vinyasa

60 min

Valerie Knopik


Mindful Day Meditation

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10 min

Tiffany Cruikshank