Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist Content Submission

As a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, you are the thought leaders of our community. We are committed to lifting you up, sharing your expertise with the global yoga community, and supporting your work with a writing stipend.

We welcome any of our Therapeutic Specialists to submit a new article proposal that will be featured on the Yoga Medicine blog and social media platforms. We will be selecting 5 topics each month and will compensate $100 per article written.

How does it work?

    • Choose an article topic of your choice or pull from the suggestions listed on this page.
    • Submit this form with a new (or existing!) writing sample. If you don’t have a writing sample, you can submit a draft of your proposed article’s 1st paragraph.
    • We will choose 5 articles to publish each month on our website and social media platforms that feel most helpful and relevant to our Yoga Medicine community.
    • We encourage you to also create a social media Reel to accompany your blog article, but this is not required. If you submit a Reel, we will always use the collaboration feature on Instagram so that our reach, likes, and shares -> become your reach, likes and shares! This is such a useful way to grow your social community and share your work with a broader audience.

Winter 2023 Article Topic Suggestions:

  • Any Yoga, Meditation or Pranayama Research Breakdown
  • Female Health
  • Balancing Female Hormones with Yoga
  • Yoga Considerations for Menstrual Cycle Phases
  • Yoga Considerations for PCOS
  • Chinese Medicine Insights on Menstrual Cycle Phases
  • Group Class Sequencing
  • Sequencing Anatomy with Clarity
  • Yoga for Spinal Health
  • Yoga Adaptations for Winter / Seasonal Depression
  • Chinese Medicine Insights for Winter
  • Yogic Philosophy on War and Conflict
  • Rewards and Difficulties of Teaching Yoga Online
  • Any Nervous System, Trauma, or Grief Research