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How Long Should You Hold a Plank? Probably Not as Long as You Think

By Leah Groth for BYRDIE. The plank is one of the most simultaneously loved and [...]

Wake Up Your Butt! 3 Exercises that Will Save Your Back and Knees

By Pooja Virani for Yoga Medicine®. When students come to me complaining of chronic back [...]

How Meditation Can Increase Mental Durability in Athletes

By Alison Heilig for Yoga Medicine®. If you’re a yoga teacher reading this, I don’t [...]

Three Recovery Poses to Revitalize Your Tissues

By 24Life. Passive recovery is just as important to a health, wellness and fitness routine as [...]

Rebalance & Strengthen with These Three Yoga Moves from Tiffany Cruikshank

Many people view a yoga practice as a stretching session. And while yoga is a [...]

Yoga as Medicine – For the World

By 24Life. Tiffany Cruikshank, creator of Yoga Medicine and featured in 24Life, is paving the way for ancient Eastern [...]

Tiffany Cruikshank Shows Yoga Supports Western Medical Care

By Robin Rootenberg for 24Life. When Tiffany Cruikshank’s parents sent her off to a wilderness [...]

Upper Hamstring Tendinopathy Treatment

Jenni Tarma for Yoga Medicine® discusses what upper hamstring tendinopathy is, what causes it, and how to [...]

Yoga for Athletic Recovery During a 9 Day Race

Charlotte Johnson for Yoga Medicine® shares how yoga for athletic recovery can help during long-haul endurance [...]

Yoga for Athletes: A Little Goes A Long Way

The Benefits of Adding Yoga to a Training Program There is growing research available that [...]

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