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Beyond Chair Yoga

Incorporating the Yoga Chair in Your Yoga Practice in an Unconventional Way

by Lisa Muehlenbein for Yoga Medicine®

Thank you for joining Beyond Chair Yoga, a course designed to educate teachers on how to incorporate the yoga chair (and additional props) into a vinyasa class, a restorative class and a yin class. This online course is presented through video which can be paused, replayed, and revisited as many times as you need. Accompanying this course are two downloadable handouts to support your learning experience.

We are so grateful that you are joining us here and we hope you enjoy the course!

With gratitude,

Lisa Muehlenbein and the Yoga Medicine Team


Course Outline:

  • Lesson #1: Introduction
  • Lesson #2: Props
  • Lesson #3: Proper Use of Props
  • Lesson #4: Blanket Folding
  • Lesson #5: Chair Misconceptions
  • Lesson #6: Benefits and Considerations of the Chair
  • Lesson #7: Seated Meditation
  • Lesson #8: Basic, Seated Warm-Ups
  • Lesson #9: Standing Warm-Up with Chair
  • Lesson #10: Kneeling, Modified Sun Salutation with Chair
  • Lesson #11: Standing Postures
  • Lesson #12: Floor Postures with Chair
  • Lesson #13: Inversions with Chair
  • Lesson #14: Savasana with Legs on Chair
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