Category Archives: Myofascial Release

110: Fascia Science Meets Acupuncture

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja are looking at where the fascia and acupuncture worlds collide. [...]

106: Exercise Oncology, Yoga, and Fascia with Dr. Stephanie Otto

Today host Katja talks with Dr. Stephanie Otto about exercise oncology, exercise, and fascia. We [...]

102: Fascia & Pain, A Deeper Discussion

Today’s hosts, Tiffany and Katja, return for a deeper discussion of fascia and pain. Recently, [...]

70: Yoga & MFR: Fundamentals to Get the Most Out of Your Practice

We’ve gone in depth in previous episodes on the topic of myofascial release or MFR, [...]


39: MFR Applications & Research

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja are focusing in on myofascial release (MFR) applications and the [...]

35: Fascia & the Autonomic Nervous System

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja continue the discussion on fascia and more specifically how our [...]

27: Fascia & Yoga – Research Update with Dr. Robert Schleip

If you have been listening to this podcast, the chances are very high that you’ve [...]

22: Fascia, Hormones & Training with Laura Philipp

Today’s guest Laura Philipp is a world-class professional athlete who has won 16 Ironman 70.3 [...]

19: Fascia & Pain

Today Tiffany and Katja take a look at the cutting edge new topic of fascia [...]

14: Fascia as a Sensory Organ

Today’s episode is all about fascia as a sensory organ. Whether you are a healthcare [...]

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