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27: Fascia & Yoga – Research Update with Dr. Robert Schleip

Katja Bartsch Dr. Robert Schleip

If you have been listening to this podcast, the chances are very high that you’ve heard a mention or two of today’s guest, Dr. Robert Schleip, the fascia research legend. His background in biology and psychology make him the perfect person to speak with about his vast knowledge as it relates to yoga. In this episode, Dr. Schleip talks about the value of traditional yoga practices in the modern world, discusses how our connective tissue plays a role in different elements of the yoga practice and takes you on a tour through current fascia research highlights.

Listen in to find out what kinds of movements make your fascial tissues happy a and how your genetics may influence how mobile you are.

“If there is one movement therapy method […] that is fairly complete, I think yoga is very high up there.” – Dr. Robert Schleip

“Yoga has the most whole-body oriented approach.” – Dr. Robert Schleip

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Robert Schleip’s background [1:31]
  • Value of traditional yoga practice today [3:03]
  • Effects of long slow stretching on fascia and wound healing [9:41]
  • What types of movement the modern mover should incorporate into their yoga practice [13:14]
  • Fascia’s elastic recoil capacity [15:12]
  • Benefits of compressive loading and cardio-vascular input [17:20]
  • Why yoga may not be a perfect fit for some [19:32]
  • Genetic and female hormonal aspects of fascial tissue stiffness [23:44]
  • Effects of hot yoga on fascial tissue [28:50]
  • Yoga as a whole-system approach [34:00]
  • Recent studies on fascia relevant for yoga [36:35]
  • The importance of mindful attention in yoga [41:23]
  • Recent studies on fascia and nerves [43:37]
  • Dr. Robert Schleip’s current inspirations [52:26]

Links Mentioned:

“Regular yoga practice can have an anti-inflammatory effect.” – Dr. Robert Schleip

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