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19: Fascia & Pain

Tiffany Cruikshank Katja Bartsch

Today Tiffany and Katja take a look at the cutting edge new topic of fascia and pain. Pain is complex and recent research is showing just how relevant the fascial tissue is when we’re looking at pain. In this episode, Katja shares the findings of the latest research on changes in fascia that can contribute to pain.

The pair discuss the difference between pain in the fascia versus pain in muscle tissues and potential causes of fascial pain. They also touch on how other aspects such as the lymphatic system and lifestyle factors relate to inflammation, pain and the fascial system.

Listen in to learn about the anatomy and physiology of fascia and pain, how it happens, and ways you can potentially intervene.

“As we start to learn more about this tissue we learn more about pain.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

“I love it when there are these brilliant things built into the body.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

Show Notes:

  • Why it’s important to differentiate pain in fascia versus muscle [3:37]
  • Unpacking delayed onset muscle soreness pain [8:45]
  • The complexity of pain [9:52]
  • Causes of fascial pain [12:49]
  • Macroscopic changes in fascia that can contribute to pain [13:37]
  • Microscopic changes in fascia that can contribute to pain [17:42]
  • Role of innervation in fascial pain [24:38]
  • Innervation of fascia and low back pain [25:18]
  • How innervation changes with inflammation [28:37]
  • Vascular and lymphatic system and their role in inflammation and pain [31:40]
  • Causes of hypersensitivity to pain [35:28]
  • Changes in the tension of the fascial system as it relates to pain [38:48]
  • How psychology and lifestyle may affect inflammation [47:51]

Links Mentioned:

“Our human nature is to gravitate toward what we can feel and see and it’s a great reminder that the subtle things are so precious and so important.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

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