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87: The Science of Breathing Less: Research Roundup

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja hone in on another topic related to pranayama: the science [...]

85: Research Roundup: A Stroll Through the Breathwork Landscape

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja take you on a stroll through the breathwork landscape. In [...]

83: Research Roundup: Updates on Polyvagal Theory

Today’s topic is an interesting one that comes up a lot in the yoga world. [...]

82: Building a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Today hosts Tiffany and Rachel talk about building a healthy relationship with social media. These [...]

77: Restorative Yoga Essentials

In our busy lives it can be challenging to allow ourselves to truly rest, but [...]

75: Research Roundup: Fascia & Immune System

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja discuss fascia and the immune system. In this episode, learn [...]

73: Unpacking Overhead Shoulder Pain

Today hosts Tiffany and Rachel explore one of the more common challenges yoga students face: [...]

71: More Controversial Yoga Cues

Today hosts Rachel and Tiffany continue the conversation we started in Episode 56, exploring controversial [...]

70: Yoga & MFR: Fundamentals to Get the Most Out of Your Practice

We’ve gone in depth in previous episodes on the topic of myofascial release or MFR, [...]

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67: Hyaluronan, Fascia & Yoga: Research Roundup

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja are back for another research roundup, this time on hyaluronic [...]

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