108: Integrating New Tools in Your Teaching: Teacher’s Series

Coming home from another yoga teacher training, full of new information and techniques to utilize, can be exciting… and also overwhelming.

In today’s episode hosts Tiffany and Rachel talk about how to integrate all the tools you learn in training in a way that is meaningful for your students. In this episode, we stress the importance of a slow and steady approach guided by clarity of purpose for each class.

Listen in to learn how to incorporate new material, and when to use which teaching tools in both group classes and when working with students one-on-one.

“You can do it all but you can’t do it all today.” – Rachel Land

“I am thinking about teaching and creating my classes for the people who come back, but I am also always trying to make sure that I am prepared to make all of that accessible for the new people who come, too.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

Show Notes:

  • The challenge of integrating new information into classes in a meaningful way [1:33]
  • Focus on one area of content at a time, in practice and teaching [4:31]
  • The importance of setting and meeting student expectations [9:30]
  • “Drip-feed” new content or techniques into your teaching [12:10]
  • Creating classes for the students who come back [16:41]
  • Using a class series to introduce new content gradually [18:36]
  • Combining techniques in group classes versus one-to-one [22:05]
  • A real world example [28:58]
  • Summing up: simplicity, clarity, repetition, patience and individuality [31:26]

Links Mentioned:

“When you’re really living in an area of content for a period of time in your own practice you start to find different ways to use it and when you then translate that into teaching your students, you’ll have a different experience from the one you had training.” – Rachel Land

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