107: Beat Burnout

Burnout is becoming a more common experience than ever, in the yoga world and beyond, so today hosts Tiffany and Rachel dive into the varied experiences of and solutions to this problem.

We discuss three common precursors to burnout and how challenging it can be to generate the energy required to recognize and resolve it. We also share the role yoga practice can play in helping us build long-term physical and mental resilience as an antidote to burnout.

Listen to this episode to learn what burnout is, what causes contribute, and the intangible game-changers you could be overlooking when trying to overcome burnout.

“A healthy society doesn’t produce extreme numbers of burnout.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

“There is a perception out there that burnout is this one thing…and the remedy is also this one thing and–it is not that simple. There is lots of individual variation of both the experience and the appropriate remedy.” – Rachel Land

Show Notes:

  • The three key symptoms of burnout [3:50]
  • Perfectionism, imposter syndrome and a potential up-side of burnout [5:10]
  • Difficulty generating the energy to find a way out [7:30]
  • Is restorative yoga the solution to burnout? [9:17]
  • Burnout as a long-term imbalance between inputs and outputs [13:08]
  • Individuality in burnout, emotional labour, and the role yoga can play [17:11]
  • Training long-term resilience to burnout [23:59]
  • A three-part approach: nervous system, connective tissue & mental resilience [27:00]
  • Where to start [32.28]
  • The Yoga Medicine Resilience Retreat and other resources [35:38]

Links Mentioned:

“Yoga creates the clarity to see: when do I just need to change my response to stress and help regulate the nervous system or do I need to leave my job?” – Tiffany Cruikshank

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