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05: Sustainability & Yoga with Tiffany Cruikshank and Rachel Land

Tiffany Cruikshank and Rachel Land

Today Rachel and Tiffany talk about all of the ways we find the inspiration we need to create positive behaviors and maintain them long-term — whether that’s in our yoga practice, our teaching, or really, in any aspect of our lives.

We discuss the paths that each of us took to get to the kind of yoga that we practice and teach today and share how our practice has evolved over the years. We also talk about why curiosity is a superpower, and how to keep your yoga practice, and teaching, from becoming a chore.

Listen in to learn how we come up with ideas for our yoga classes and courses, and our tips for teachers, whether just starting out or maintaining momentum over the years.

“There’s something really powerful in the simple.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

“If you don’t have that deep-seated ‘why’ that drives you, no amount of motivation is going to carry you through to the long-term.” – Rachel Land

Show Notes:

  • What brings Tiffany back to her yoga mat again and again? [1:35]
  • Determining what we need in our yoga practice [4:51]
  • How has Tiffany’s yoga practice changed over the years? [8:59]
  • Tiffany’s yoga practice today [15:41]
  • Overcome feeling uninspired to practice [23:41]
  • The greatest tool for a sustainable yoga practice [26:22]
  • What inspires Rachel and Tiffany to keep learning and teaching [28:42]
  • How Tiffany develops new class and course content ideas [33:56]
  • The pressure to maintain inspiration and creativity [37:09]
  • How to keep yoga from becoming a chore [39:36]
  • Capturing creative ideas for future practices and classes [41:22]
  • The power of simplicity [45:37]
  • Avoiding burnout [47:57]
  • The myth that teaching yoga should never feel like “work” [51:07]
  • Advice for new yoga teachers [53:13]
  • Managing your energy and maintaining clarity to keep teaching over the long-term [57:44]

Links Mentioned:

“The brain was doing this, the body was doing that, and yoga was really my chance to bring the two together.” – Rachel Land

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