Introduction to Yoga for Addiction Recovery Online Course


Course Description

This course is built for yoga teachers interested to bring their skills into a recovery setting – be it a treatment center or hosting classes tailored for this fragile yet resilient community. This course is presented by Lara Ederer, a recovered addict who has intertwined her personal experiences with years of training as a yoga teacher and Chemical Dependency Professional to build tailored yoga programs for treatment centers throughout the state of Washington. Lara will lead you through lecture and yoga practice to illustrate how asana and meditation can provide the skills needed to learn how to tolerate the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that emerge in treatment. Facilitating and nurturing this mindset can build self-awareness to help avoid relapses and begin to redevelop a positive relationship with physical sensations, thoughts, and oneself.

Course Details

  • How to build self-awareness for the recovery process.
  • How yoga can be incorporated into a recovery setting or treatment.
  • How to help students prevent relapses and redevelop a positive relationship with physical touch, mentality, and oneself.
  • Pen and paper for notes but remember, a downloadable handout comes with this course.
  • These props are optional aids to the practice session: a yoga mat, two blocks, a blanket.
  • Course length: 2 hours of online lecture/training videos.
  • Simple yet informative lectures on concepts surrounding addiction and recovery, each broken down into easily reviewable sections.
  • 2 guided yoga practice sessions (approximately 35-40 minutes each).
  • An informative course handout available for download.
  • A course certificate after the successful completion of the online quiz.
  • This course is eligible for 2 hours of continuing education hours with Yoga Medicine® and/or Yoga Alliance.
  • This course is available on-demand and does not expire, so you can always return to practice and revisit the material to deepen your understanding over time.
  • A holistic understanding of addiction to substance use.
  • Understanding the different stages of treatment and the corresponding symptoms.
  • How yoga and meditation can augment a recovery process.
  • How to adapt yoga for participants within different withdrawal levels to accommodate their physical and/or mental symptoms.
  • Tips for working with in a recovery setting.
  • Considerations for teaching substance abuse affected students.
  • How to be an effective yoga teacher for students recovering from addiction.

About The Teacher

Lara Ederer is a Seattle-based yoga teacher and Chemical Dependency Professional with a graduate degree in substance abuse counseling. In 2002, Lara gained her sobriety from alcohol and substances and soon after, Lara found herself on a path to provide counseling to others in recovery. Today, she worked for over 12 years in a variety of in-patient, residential, and out-patient treatment settings across a spectrum of age groups. Lara has created yoga programs in three separate in-house treatment programs and one out-patient program. All four of these programs supported the cognitive behavioral treatments, offering weekly gentle yoga and meditation classes each week to patients learning how to navigate stress relief and coping skills. Click here to learn more about Lara Ederer.

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