Myofascial Release Training | Module

Cadiz, Spain | May 11-18, 2024

Join Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac. and Katja Bartsch, BSc, ATSI, for this 50 hour training to discover the fascinating science behind the role of fascia and learn over 100 MFR techniques to amplify tissue health and maximize therapeutic outcomes within a yoga practice.

Myofascial Release Training | Module – Cadiz, Spain

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Training Description

We are so excited to return to one of our favorite destinations, the Suryalila Retreat Center in Cadiz, Spain, for the Myofascial Release Training! MFR is one of our most popular trainings and one we continue to update as the research & information on fascia expands.

In this training you’ll learn how to effectively apply MFR techniques in a therapeutic setting and individualize practices to enrich your own practice and teaching. We’ll discuss the most recent research on fascia, and take a deeper look at how the fascia plays an integral role in pain, performance, healthy aging, posture, and movement patterns.

Together, our expert teachers, Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac. and Katja Bartsch, BSc, BCSI, will guide you through this impactful training using asana practices, demonstrations, lectures, and insights along the way to create an in-depth, hands-on learning experience in this highly specialized 50 hour in-person training.

You’ll walk away from this experience with a comprehensive understanding of the function and dysfunction of fascia, as well as a mastery of over 100 therapeutic techniques for every part of the body! Our teachers have found this information to be a game changer with their students both in private therapeutic settings as well as group classes & workshops. Use the information in this training to take your teaching to the next level with more information & impactful resources to support your community.

If you’re a yoga teacher, healthcare provider, coach, or fitness instructor seeking more tools to support your clients with injury rehab and prevention, pain management, and optimal tissue health, this training is for you!

This 50 hour retreat-style training at Suryalila Retreat Center, allows you to immerse yourself in your practice and learning with Yoga Medicine.

Training Details

Myofascial release has many uses and applications that make it a particularly effective tool when working with pain, injuries, movement restrictions (limited range of motion), performance enhancement, athlete recovery, as an adjunct to help minimize injuries and as a tool to support the health of the connective tissue.

The 50-hour Myofascial Release Training is a great adjunct to a yoga practice for those with injuries or restrictions and a great combination to the orthopedic trainings (hip, spine, shoulder, extremities) when taken before or after to integrate the information and apply it in a more effective way. The training will focus on myofascial release techniques for use in a one-on-one setting and also look at how to incorporate MFR within a yoga practice.

We’ll take a deep dive into myofascial release techniques and contraindications, as a preparation to learning over 100 different techniques for every part of the body. You’ll have modifications and prop options for each technique so you can adapt it to meet the needs of the person you’re working with and we’ll talk about specific therapeutics along the way. At the end we’ll talk on protocols for different parts of the body along with adaptations and take a look at the myofascial chains that unite the system and bring all the information together.

Upon completion you will have all the tools you need to integrate myofascial release techniques into your classes, teach myofascial release classes, use myofascial release within a therapeutic setting, teach MFR workshops, answer questions and apply the information with clients in a one-one setting.

Topics that we will cover during the Yoga Medicine Myofascial Release Training include:

  • The science and research behind fascia structure, function and dysfunction, including the role of fascial lines in posture, movement, and health
  • Myofascial release techniques to promote optimal tissue health and function (and contraindications)
  • Trigger points and specialized protocols for every part of the body
  • How to use modifications and props to tailor techniques to the individual
  • The effective application of myofascial release within a yoga setting to support injuries, pain, athletic recovery, performance enhancement, and freedom from movement restrictions

This yoga teacher training counts as 50 hours towards your 500-hour/1000-hour Yoga Medicine certification. Directly following the yoga teacher training you will be invited to take an online exam to receive your certificate of completion.

Anticipated Daily Schedule

  • 7-9am – Asana
  • 9-10am – Breakfast
  • 10am-1pm – Lecture & Interactive Sessions
  • 1-3pm – Lunch Break
  • 3-6pm – Lecture & Interactive Sessions
  • 7-8pm – Dinner
  • 8-9pm  Homework

This training will consist of full days of asana practice and lectures with scheduled breaks in the morning, afternoon and evening. Please note that all meals and accommodations will be included throughout the training; participants are responsible for the coordination of their own travel.

This training will begin with a group dinner at 7pm on May 11th followed by a brief orientation at 8pm. We complete the training on May 18th with an optional morning practice at 8-9am followed by breakfast. We recommend reviewing our attendance policy and the cancellation/refund policy in the FAQ’s for more details before registering.

Please consider acquiring travel insurance to help protect yourself from the unforeseen and unavoidable that may affect or prevent your participation in the training (sickness, injury, family emergency, weather, etc.).

For teachers dedicated to a higher standard of learning looking to deepen their knowledge.

The Myofascial Release Training is a 50-hour advanced training for individuals looking to use myofascial release techniques in their yoga practice within a therapeutic setting or as an addition to other affiliated movement/mobility specialities (bodyworkers, coaches, physical therapists, fitness instructors, pilates teachers, pain specialists, etc.), healthcare providers looking for new tools to give their patients, and for those who are simply interested in learning more about this invaluable curriculum.

Yoga Medicine® believes that an experienced yoga teacher is an impactful asset to our healthcare systems. With our credentials, students and healthcare facilities can trust that their yoga teacher is trained with a depth of knowledge in the fusion of research, science and traditional practices as well as a range of experience.

Julie Paddock

500-Hour Yoga Medicine Teacher

“I work regularly with an active senior population (65 – 78 years old). I have taught a large number of these students for 5+ years. The therapeutic insights I’ve gained through my studies with Tiffany and Yoga Medicine have proven greatly beneficial to this clientele. Several students have written personal testimonies of the benefits they receive from their yoga practices, including MFR techniques — mainly in increasing interoception, ROM, and freedom from pain.”

Alison Heilig

500-Hour Yoga Medicine Teacher

“I’ll definitely be applying what I learned at the MFR module and the ones that follow in my book, The Durable Runner, and I’ll be sharing some of the techniques through my online yoga video brand, Yoga for Durability. I’ll also be using this knowledge in working with my corrective exercise clients as well as the runners and CrossFitters that I coach.”

Meet the teachers...

Tiffany Cruikshank

Founder of Yoga Medicine, L.Ac, MAOM, E-RYT

Tiffany is a yoga therapeutic specialist, author, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine provider. She’s trained over 15,000 yoga teachers, athletes, healthcare professionals, physicians, bodyworkers and coaches worldwide on how to fuse anatomy, western medicine and cutting-edge research with traditional yoga practices to therapeutically support individuality and holistic wellness.

Katja Bartsch


Katja is a fascia researcher and yoga teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Sports Science and is currently working towards her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Robert Schleip and the Fascia Research Project in Munich (Germany). Katja has authored several peer reviewed studies and book chapters in sports science and fascia research. Katja is certified as E-RYT 500, has been teaching yoga for over a decade and is teaching anatomy and fascia physiology in teacher trainings around Europe. She is also certified as Structural Integration Practitioner (ATSI) trained by Tom Myers and his Anatomy Trains school.

Training Venue

Suryalila Retreat Center

Pago de Pajarete
11650 Villamartin
Cádiz, Spain

Surrounded by rolling hills, fragrant olive groves, and stunning vistas, Suryalila provides the perfect backdrop for your yoga journey. Imagine practicing yoga under the golden sun, resting amidst the tranquil sounds of nature, and rejuvenating yourself in a serene atmosphere that fosters self-discovery and growth.

Pricing and Policies

For this training, you are free to select your own room type based on availability. Below are your payment options:

  • Deposit + Final Payment [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]: A non-refundable and non-transferable $500 deposit payment will hold your reservation as a student in the Myofascial Release Training. You will then need to make your final payment (based on the room type you choose) by March 1, 2024 - you will receive reminder emails leading up to this deadline so you can make your payment on time. Should your final payment not be received by the deadline, your reservation will be cancelled and offered to the next person on the waitlist.
  • Full Payment: An upfront full payment for your chosen room type (which includes a non-refundable and non-transferable $500 deposit) will secure your reservation as a student in the Myofascial Release Training.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable after March 1, 2024.

Payment plans for all trainings are available at checkout to US customers via Affirm and PayPal. For international customers, please email directly to set up a payment plan.

Price includes:

  • Training tuition
  • Hardcopy, custom-designed training manual
  • Complimentary MFR toolkit
  • Yoga Medicine® shirt
  • Accommodations & meals

Not included:

  • Travel
  • Airport transfers
  • Extended stays

The deposit payment of $500 is always non-refundable and non-transferable.

There are no refunds or transfers of payments after March 1, 2024 due to the fact that we are required to make payments to reserve your reservation at the retreat center and secure training materials for the group. We realize that some extenuating circumstances beyond your control may prohibit you from attending; however, we cannot make exceptions regardless of the circumstance due to the non-recoverable payments that we deliver in advance. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance which covers refunds due to medical emergencies and other difficult circumstances.

We appreciate your understanding that this policy is for all.

Frequently Asked Questions


This training is designed for yoga teachers, physicians, healthcare providers, and coaches who are interested in learning more about this invaluable curriculum.

If you have a consistent yoga practice and a desire to deepen your knowledge, then we would love to have you join!

If you are new to Yoga Medicine and would like to join the 500-hour program, then please complete the online application. Upon successful completion of this training, the 55 ‘in-person/contact’ hours would automatically be applied towards your 500-hour.

More information about the 500-hour program can be found here.

You will be supplied with a list of props and information to help you prepare for this training. All of this information will be given to you after submitting your payment.

When booking flights, please arrive in time to attend the first group dinner at 7pm on May 11th followed by a brief orientation at 8pm. We complete the training on May 18th with a morning practice at 8-9am followed by breakfast. We recommend reviewing our attendance policy and the cancellation/refund policy in the FAQ’s for more details before registering.

If traveling between countries, you may also need to contact your healthcare provider about any necessary immunizations as well as making sure your passport and any necessary visas are in order.

Apply This Training Towards a 500-Hour Certification

If you are enrolled in Yoga Medicine’s 500-hour or 1000-hour program, then this training counts as 50 ‘in-person/contact’ hours towards your certification, as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance!

If you are a yoga teacher interested in pursuing continued education with Yoga Medicine, then you have the option to apply to our 500-hour program (in which case, these teacher training hours will automatically apply towards your 500-hour certification process).

To learn more about our 500-hour certification program, click here.

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