Sequencing with Purpose Yoga Teacher Training | Online

Join E-RYT500 & Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist Rachel Land for this 20 hour online training to learn how to sequence group classes systematically to make your purpose crystal clear and classes powerful and compelling.

Sequencing with Purpose Yoga Teacher Training | Online


Training Description

Intelligent group class sequencing requires clarity of purpose. The Sequencing with Purpose Yoga Teacher Training is a 20-hour online training that helps yoga teachers learn how to sequence group classes systematically to make your purpose crystal clear, and the take-away message for your students powerful and compelling. Presented by Rachel Land, Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist and Yoga Medicine® Online Teacher, this immersion allows yoga teachers the opportunity to become confident in the art of interweaving anatomical and philosophical depth into their classes.

You’ll uncover different sequencing methodologies, identify how and when to use each, and how to progress your sequence to meet the needs of different class levels. The ideal blend of theory and practice, this yoga teacher training is broken down into six content sections, each combining the support of interactive online discussion and review sessions with downloadable content that you can repeat as desired, plus assignments to prompt you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned. You’ll finish the immersion with a library of unique, original and purposeful class sequences.

Training Details

The 20-hour Sequencing with Purpose Yoga Teacher Online Training is essential for dedicated teachers who want to deepen their students’ practice by helping them build a body of knowledge, one class at a time.

Here are the main topics that we will cover during the Sequencing with Purpose Yoga Teacher Online Training:

  • Introduction to Sequencing
  • Weaving a Theme Through Your Sequence
  • Anatomical Sequencing for the Hips & Legs
  • Anatomical Sequencing for the Shoulders & Arms
  • Anatomical Sequencing for the Spine & Torso
  • Other Sequencing Considerations

We created this online training to be flexible with your schedule so you can complete it at your own pace. 

After signing up, you’ll get instant access to six curated sections of pre-recorded lectures, asana practices, and take-home assignments. There will also be case studies along the way to help you integrate the information.

This training will count as 20 ‘in-person/contact’ hours towards your 500-hour/1000-hour Yoga Medicine certification. Directly following the training you will be invited to take an online exam to receive your certificate of completion and training hours. 

There is no deadline by which you need to complete the training as you’ll have unlimited access to all the training materials — even after completion! These online training hours will also be recognized as 20 continuing education hours (CEUs) by Yoga Alliance.

For teachers dedicated to a higher standard of learning looking to deepen their knowledge.

The Sequencing with Purpose Yoga Teacher Training is a 20-hour advanced online training for yoga teachers as well as physicians, healthcare providers, coaches and fitness instructors with yoga experience who are interested in learning more about this invaluable curriculum. To fully benefit from this training, we recommend that anyone considering enrollment is actively working with students and clients within a yoga or therapeutic setting.

Yoga Medicine® believes that an experienced yoga teacher is an impactful asset to our healthcare systems. With our credentials, students and healthcare facilities can trust that their yoga teacher is trained with a depth of knowledge in the fusion of research, science & traditional practices as well as a range of experience. Yoga Medicine® trains our teachers to understand the body and the full spectrum of therapeutic yoga modalities so they can build a personalized practice to suit the individual across any yoga style, state of wellness, level, body shape, gender, anatomical differences, age, or capacity.

Jessica Zabow

500-Hour Yoga Medicine Teacher

“Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and is very inspiring. It was great to look at approaches to sequencing – how many options there are and how creative you can be. I love practicing with Rachel and she is such an effective educator and communicator. I am definitely a better teacher after doing this training.”

Megan Humphrey

500-Hour Yoga Medicine Teacher

“What I absolutely loved over the past month of taking this training is for every homework class I wrote, I also taught it to my students. The feedback has been truly amazing. I’ve always loved and enjoyed sequencing, I find it to be a creative outlet for me, but I feel like this training has taken my skills to the “next level” and I fully attribute that to this traininng.”

Meet the teacher...

Rachel Land

E-RYT500 & Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist

Rachel Land is a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and writer based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Her approach blends traditional yoga practices with extensive study in anatomy, physiology, sports training and therapeutics.

Rachel’s fascination lies in fusing research and tradition together to create a practice that supports and empowers each individual. Her strength is her ability to bring theory to life, making complex topics in the yoga and wellness sphere feel simple and accessible.

She runs workshops and anatomy trainings around the world, regularly contributes to other teacher trainings, and co-teaches several of the Yoga Medicine® 500hr orthopedic modules!

Our Promise

We believe bridging the gap between yoga and medical systems is a crucial therapeutic adjunct to modern healthcare. That’s why all of our offerings strive to reach the same goal: to empower teachers and students through deeper yoga education.

We train our community of teachers to understand the body and the therapeutic approaches to yoga so that they can build a personalized practice to the individual across any yoga style or level of wellness.

With our credentials, your students will know that their teacher is well-trained with a range of applied and highly specialized therapeutic experience!

Frequently Asked Questions


This training is designed for yoga teachers, physicians, healthcare providers, and coaches who are interested in learning more about this invaluable curriculum.

If you have a consistent yoga practice and a desire to deepen your knowledge, then we would love to have you join!

If you are new to Yoga Medicine and would like to join the 500-hour program, then please complete the online application. Upon successful completion of this training, the 20 ‘in-person/contact’ hours would automatically be applied towards your 500-hour.

More information about the 500-hour program can be found here.

When you register for this training, you will also receive complimentary access to the following online courses: Conducting a Therapeutic Evaluation and Recognizing Red Flags in a Therapeutic Yoga Setting – reviewing these courses will also help you prepare for this training.

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with more details on general information, training materials needed, and instructions on how to access your online training.

Immediately after your payment is processed, you will receive access to this training’s online portal and materials. For this reason, refund requests for online trainings are not accepted.

We appreciate your understanding.

Apply This Training Towards a 500-Hour Certification

If you are enrolled in Yoga Medicine’s 500-hour or 1000-hour program, then this training counts as 20 ‘in-person/contact’ hours towards your certification, as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance!

If you are a yoga teacher interested in pursuing continued education with Yoga Medicine, then you have the option to apply to our 500-hour program (in which case, these teacher training hours will automatically apply towards your 500-hour certification process).

To learn more about our 500-hour certification program, click here.

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