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Course Description

What does it mean to be a woman or a man? Or neither? Or both? How does gender and sexuality, those seemingly most personal and private of attributes, emerge on the mat as performative expressions of identity rather than a living practice of exploration? 

The Sex, Gender, & Identity in Yoga Online Course creates a foundation for discussing major concepts that influence our history, understanding, and interconnectedness to sex, gender, and identities. We will examine how gender, as an object of study and as a lived experience, affects our yoga practice, our teaching methods, and our community reach. 

This self-study approach gives each student the time and space to dive into the material and connect with its personal application.

This course is for anyone who wanted to build their own capacity to understand sex, gender and identity and the intersections of these core facets within yoga and wellness spaces.

Course Details

  • The difference between sex and gender.
  • Explore personal and academic histories and narratives in Sex, Gender, and Identity.
  • Deepen understanding around how sex, gender, and identity influence the way we teach, connect, and serve our communities.
  • What yoga philosophy tells us about identity and how to apply it in our daily classes.
  • Gain an appreciation for the diverse range of individuals, communities, and viewpoints that show up in our classes and studios.
  • How to develop more inclusive classes, training, and workshops.
  • Pen and paper for notes; but remember, a downloadable handout comes with this course.
  • A yoga mat, bolster, 2 yoga blocks, blanket and any additional props that you use for your own practice.
  • Course length: slightly over 6 hours of online lecture/training videos.
  • Multidisciplinary learning methods of theory (lecture) and application (journal exercise, meditation and sequences).
  • Lectures based on building personal awareness around historical, biological, and socio-cultural influences on identities.
  • Meditation and sequences that translate material into workable practices for personal reflection.
  • Bonus material: Nearly 3hrs of extra asana and meditation practices designed to help students connect with the material in a way that is most familiar and apply the knowledge they have gained in the course.
  • A 10 page downloadable journal to record any flashes of insight, clarify lessons, and bear witness to your own evolution.
  • A course certificate after the successful completion of the online quiz.
  • This course is eligible for 6 hours of continuing education hours with Yoga Medicine® and/or Yoga Alliance.
  • This course is available on-demand and does not expire, which offers you the ability to learn and re-explore materials any time you wish to deepen your understanding and expand your conversations around sex, gender, and identity.
  • Understand the role of sex, gender, and identity in daily yoga practices.
  • Gain confidence in opening conversations about identity in your community.
  • Teach with a greater understanding of how to be inclusive through language, cueing, and sequencing.
  • Develop sequences that foster exploration, acceptance, and celebration of identities.

Jenni Tarma

About The Teacher

Kirsten Beverley-Waters is an author, Yoga Medicine teacher, and fitness coach that specializes in human movement patterns with a neuromusculoskeletal focus. With 15+ years of practice and devotion to the evolution of human movement and mental performance, each practice becomes an unhurried exploration of the physical, mental, and spiritual connection. As a LGBTQIA+ teacher, they offer students a safe space to explore, express, and experience their queer bodies in practice. Through their experiences with cancer, mental health, and grief, Kirsten helps others transform moments that grab hold of them the hardest and transform them into personal growth practices. When they are not teaching or coaching, Kirsten speaks on the human condition and how our biographies transform our biology.

2 reviews for Sex, Gender, & Identity in Yoga Online Course

  1. Rachel Land

    Rachel Land

    Intelligent and thought-provoking content, with plenty of opportunities to consider your own concepts and feelings around identity. Thank you Kirsten 🙂

  2. Avatar

    CAPUCINE HOYBACH (verified owner)

    Great course. Very informative and offered in a very engaging, hopeful and mindful way. Thank you, Kristen!! I am grateful for your insight!

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