Yoga Medicine® Teacher Connection Series: Sangha & Svadhyhya

Join psychologist Diane Malaspina, Ph.D and Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac. for this six, 1-hour LIVE weekly session series dedicated to supporting & investing in the sustainability and evolution of our Yoga Medicine® teachers.

Only available for 500/1000hr Yoga Medicine® teachers.

Yoga Medicine® Teacher Connection Series: Sangha & Svadhyhya Online Course



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Course Description

Being a yoga teacher can be a fulfilling, enlivening, and rewarding job with the right tools, but it can also be tiring and lonely. At Yoga Medicine® we pride ourselves in educating our teachers to a deeper level so that they can be a valuable resource to their students, leaders in their communities, and have a long, fulfilling sustainable career. No one understands your job like other yoga teachers and yet in our local studios we rarely see or interact with each other. Training online is valuable as a resource to continue to learn and inspire yourself as a teacher, but it can lack the connection & support of other teachers found in our in-person experiences.

This gathering, created for Yoga Medicine® 500/1000-hour teachers, is meant to fill that gap and provide a supported experience to connect and reflect on where you are, what challenges are coming up, areas for motivation and creativity with a process to move you forward with clarity and support within the YM teaching community. This course is designed to be helpful for teachers feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unsupported, experiencing burnout symptoms, looking for inspiration, wanting to do more for their community, looking to grow their business, and seeking connection with other YM teachers internationally.

In this six, 1hr LIVE weekly session series led by psychologist Diane Malaspina, Ph.D and hosted by Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac., we will explore a different theme around tuning into what you need, your vision as a teacher, motivation and goals, resources and wellbeing, challenges and opportunities, and prioritization and integration. The end result of this ‘first of its kind’ series is to have a clear vision of how to create balance, connect to strengths, overcome obstacles, and find clarity in your work through self-reflection and teacher connection of shared experiences and ideas.

This is a guided gathering to support our YM teachers so you must have completed at least one training with Yoga Medicine® to enroll. We have purposely kept the cost low as an offering to our teachers, but will also limit enrollment to 50 teachers. Since this is an interactive support group without a detailed curriculum, manual, or exam there are no continuing education hours or teacher training hours for this; but there will be plenty of valuable information & support acquired.

Course Details

This course has six, 1-hour live weekly sessions – one session will become available per week. Each 1-hour session will involve a mini practice, prompts for discussion and areas to reflect on during the week ahead, along with recorded practices as self-care & inspiration along the way.

LIVE Sections Schedule (12-1pm PST | 3-4pm EST):

  • Wednesday, January 31st: Session 1 – Tune In & Get Clarity
  • Wednesday, February 7th: Session 2 – Pattern Recognition
  • Wednesday, February 14th: Session 3 – Resources
  • Wednesday, February 21st: Week Off (no live session)
  • Wednesday, February 28th: Session 4 – Challenges & Opportunities
  • Wednesday, March 6th: Session 5 – Perspective & Priority
  • Wednesday, March 13th: Session 6 – Integration & Forward Momentum

We created this live format to help support our teachers with a more interactive format, however you can either attend the weekly live sessions or watch the recordings that week to stay on top of the information as it progresses - live recordings will remain available throughout the duration of the live course (but removed afterwards - you will have 30 days after Session 6 goes live to watch all the videos). The pre-recorded asana classes will only be available each week, so be prepared to stay on top of the weekly sessions. The asana classes will post the day of the first session and be available on the course page until the next week practices post.

This teachers series is about connection & support for our teachers, rather than educational curriculum. Therefore, it will not count as hours towards your 500-hour/1000-hour Yoga Medicine certification nor as CEUs with Yoga Alliance. Because of this, there is also no final exam or certificate provided upon completion.

For teachers dedicated to a higher standard of learning looking to deepen their knowledge.

We pride ourselves in training our teachers to be leaders in their communities and provide this series as a tool to help motivate, create clarity, and cultivate community support for our Yoga Medicine® teachers. This course is for Yoga Medicine® teachers looking to be more effective and develop better strategies for sustainability in teaching, business, and life.

Since this offering is to support our Yoga Medicine® teachers, the prerequisite is to have completed at least one 500/1000-hour training with Yoga Medicine®.

Lindsay Roselle

500-Hour Yoga Medicine Teacher

“I'm continually impressed with the quality of Yoga Medicine programming, the dedication to real, usable education, and the hearts of the group of people that show up to each training. Each YM training has served me perfectly at that moment in my life, and I just want to express my gratitude again to you Tiffany and your team for your tireless commitment to creating exceptional experiences.”

Sophie Tashkovski

500-Hour Yoga Medicine Teacher

“There is no doubt that I have become a better teacher with each training I attend. YM trainings have fine tuned my understanding of anatomy, and helped me better understand how to help individual clients feel best in their bodies. I’ve also learned about my own body and how to treat it with kindness. YM trainings have changed my Yoga perspective-when I started as a Yoga student, I thought you had to push yourself at all costs to achieve a pose. Now I accept where I am on any given day and know that it might be different the next day.”

Meet your teacher...

Diane Malaspina

M.S.Ed., PhD, Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist

Diane is a psychologist and yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. Her teaching and practice are a creative blend of slowing down and balancing the nervous system paired with stabilizing yoga postures to support sustainability in life and the yoga practice.

Diane delivers cutting-edge wisdom with user-friendly approaches honed in her rich hands on experiences as an applied psychologist, university educator and veteran yoga teacher. She blends neurobiology and psychological science with yoga and mindfulness practices that empowers individuals, families and organizations to heal, cope with stress, and transcend struggles to orient toward growth and possibility.

Diane teaches meditation workshops, leads retreats, offers 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs in her community, and runs a thriving coaching practice helping clients heal from chronic stress and burnout and reclaim thriving physical, mental and emotional health.

Meet your host...

Tiffany Cruikshank

Founder of Yoga Medicine, L.Ac, MAOM, E-RYT

Tiffany is a yoga therapeutic specialist, author, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine provider. She’s trained over 15,000 yoga teachers, athletes, healthcare professionals, physicians, bodyworkers and coaches worldwide on how to fuse anatomy, western medicine and cutting-edge research with traditional yoga practices to therapeutically support individuality and holistic wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions


Since this offering is to support our Yoga Medicine® teachers, the prerequisite is to have completed at least one 500/1000-hour training with Yoga Medicine®.

If you are new to Yoga Medicine and would like to join the 500-hour program, then please complete the online application. Details on the 500-hour program can be found here.

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with more details on general information, training materials needed, and instructions on how to access your online training.

Immediately after your payment is processed, you will receive access to this live online course portal and materials. For this reason, refund requests are only accepted before January 31st (when this course goes live).

We appreciate your understanding.

Got additional questions? Contact us here.

Our Promise

We believe bridging the gap between yoga and medical systems is a crucial therapeutic adjunct to modern healthcare. That’s why all of our offerings strive to reach the same goal: to empower teachers and students through deeper yoga education.

We train our teachers to understand the body and the full spectrum of therapeutic yoga modalities so they can build a personalized practice to suit the individual across any yoga style, state of wellness, level, body shape, gender, anatomical differences, age, or capacity. With our credentials, students and healthcare facilities can trust that their yoga teacher is trained with a depth of knowledge in the fusion of research, science & traditional practices as well as a range of applied and highly specialized therapeutic experience!

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