Supercharge Your Anatomy-Based Sequencing Skills!

Learn how to bring anatomy to life for your students and crystalize your communication while delivering creative, intelligent and powerful class sequences. Join our FREE 60-minute on-demand seminar with Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist, Rachel Land.

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Break free from teaching the same regurgitated sequences on repeat, recharge your creativity and knowledge, and start designing your classes with originality and purpose!

In this 20-hour online immersion, you’ll uncover different sequencing methodologies, identify how and when to use each, and learn to adjust your sequence to meet the needs of different class levels. 

You’ll finish with a library of unique sequences, as well as the tools and framework to continue creating your own — even on the fly.

Get ready to take the guesswork out of sequencing for good and:

  • Become confident in the art of interweaving anatomical and philosophical depth into your classes.
  • Demystify complex postures and anatomy principles to increase accessibility and empower your students’ learning experiences.
  • Leave behind cookie-cutter ‘one-size-fits-all’ sequencing to create progressions and transitions that are uniquely your own, and that powerfully support your class purpose!
  • Understand how to effectively speak to the nuances of anatomy through cues that are both precise and that honor individuality.
  • Feel energized and excited about planning your classes, and elevate the way you teach yoga forever.