3D Wellness Lineup 12

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A balanced lineup when you need a little bit of everything.

Curated By:

Tiffany Cruikshank


Expansive Heart & Shoulders

Enjoy creating space in the shoulders and the heart as we explore balancing and mo…

Hatha Vinyasa

45 min

Valerie Knopik


Hip Flexor Love

Some support for those hard-working hip flexors. This class starts with MFR to rel…

Myofascial Release

20 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Wrist & Ankle Strength

Explore creative twists on traditional yoga poses to fire up the muscles in your f…

Yoga Conditioning

30 min

Dana Diament


Shift Your Energy

Simple practices targeting the lower body can provide a whole host of system-wide …

Yin Yoga

30 min

Jenni Tarma


Shoulders, Upper-Back, Arms & Loving Kindness

A little bit of everything with a focus on the upper extremities. The first 20mins…

Hatha Vinyasa

75 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Hamstring Reset

Standard yoga practice often offers our hamstrings deep stretches and little else,…

Hatha Vinyasa

60 min

Rachel Land


Homecoming Yoga Nidra

This is a great practice to turn to anytime you are seeking to cultivate greater b…


15 min

Caroline Wybar