Coming Home to Yourself

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Use this weekly lineup to embody your week. You’ll have a foot focused practice to inhabit the extremities, some MFR for your hips, a strong conditioning & flow class, a feel good yin practice, some low back support and body scan meditation to anchor you in the now.

Curated By:

Tiffany Cruikshank


Strong Durable Feet

Whether you’re an athlete, stuff your feet in shoes all day or want to improve you…

Hatha Vinyasa

60 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Healthy & Happy Hips

This class is a myofascial release sequence to restore mobility and fluidity in th…

Myofascial Release

45 min

Allie Geer


Assert Yourself, Stand Your Ground

Feel your strength and take up some space! This confidence-building class graduall…

Yoga Conditioning

30 min

Jenni Tarma


Feel-Good Yin

A feel good practice to rejuvenate your mind, tissues and adrenals. This practice …

Yin Yoga

30 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Get Up, Stand Up

"If you don't stand in your strength and take a step forward you are always in the…

Hatha Vinyasa

30 min

Valerie Knopik


Spine Series 1: Low-Back Support

The first in a series of classes focused on the incredibly engineered central stru…

Hatha Vinyasa

60 min

Rachel Land


Body Scan Breath Meditation (Audio Only)

Follow your breath through your entire body, cultivating open-minded acceptance of…


15 min

Rachel Land