Mood Lift

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Use this weekly lineup when you want a mood booster to support your energy and state of mind through the week. You’ll start with a mellow breath-based flow class to recharge you from the inside out, then release some tension with myofascial release. You’ve got a yoga conditioning class to shake things loose and an interesting twist on a more invigorating yin practice to rejuvenate your tissues and leave you refreshed and ready for your day. The present moment flow will help you stay in the flow of your week and then end your week by coming home to yourself with some self love on Saturday & Sunday with Valerie. A well-rounded week to lift your mood and inspire confidence & presence.

Curated By:

Tiffany Cruikshank


Mood Lift

For the days when you’re feeling down, having trouble getting going or when you ju…

Hatha Vinyasa

45 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Bringing Awareness to Common Tension

When we are really stressed out, we tend to be in our heads so much that we aren’t…

Myofascial Release

30 min

Diane Malaspina


Shake It Out & Let It Go

Challenge the body, quiet the mind! This class moves at a fairly quick pace, offer…

Yoga Conditioning

30 min

Jenni Tarma


Inertia to Invigorated

A great class for the days you can’t seem to muster up the energy for a movement-b…

Yin Yoga

30 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Present Moment Flow

Use your breath to anchor mind to body, and thereby to the present moment, as you …

Hatha Vinyasa

30 min

Rachel Land


Cultivate Authenticity

Authenticity means having the courage to show up, be real, be honest, and know tha…

Hatha Vinyasa

60 min

Valerie Knopik


Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Many of us tend to get caught up in a storyline that we are not enough. This medit…


15 min

Valerie Knopik