Peak Performance 1

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This week you have a variety of classes to both challenge & support the body & mind so that you can be prepared to meet life's challenges. We’ve got some longer classes that include several modalities so you can get an efficient & effective practice each day. Train the muscles, connective tissue, organs, mind and breath for resilience.

Curated By:

Tiffany Cruikshank


Slow & Loaded Series 2

Ready to change things up and try something new? Adding in an external load (a sma…

Yoga Conditioning

30 min

Jenni Tarma


MFR & Mobility When You're Sore

Too stiff and sore to challenge yourself today? Remember it’s only when we rest th…

Myofascial Release

20 min

Rachel Land


Full-Body Strength in 20

This practice is for those occasions when you want to move but are short on time! …

Yoga Conditioning

20 min

Jenni Tarma


Hip Release for Runners & Spinners

This yin practice is all about hips. Are your hips feeling tight or ornery due to …

Yin Yoga

30 min

Valerie Knopik


Put Some Spring in Your Step

Fascia needs all types of movement to stay health, hydrated and able to transmit f…

Hatha Vinyasa

45 min

Kylie Rook


Cross-Train for Life

This class uses a variety of modalities to help train your tissues for resilience.…

Hatha Vinyasa

90 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Meditation to End Your Day

Let go of your day and ease into your evening with this meditation that starts wit…


15 min

Tiffany Cruikshank