Settling Into A Routine

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Use this week's lineup to come home to your practice and settle into a rhythm within the uncertainty of life. We’ve got a variety of practices to bring you back to balance and remind you of what you love.

Curated By:

Tiffany Cruikshank


Flow into Self-Love with Backbends

With this 45-minute gentle flow, you will be guided through a series of backbends …

Hatha Vinyasa

45 min

Yely Staley


Rhythm, Reset, Release

We know the breath can be an excellent vehicle for deepening awareness and connect…

Myofascial Release

30 min

Jenni Tarma


10 Minute Strength Series 3

Part of a series of short, sweet and simple sequences that focus on building well-…

Yoga Conditioning

10 min

Rachel Land


Yin for Digestion

This class uses compression techniques with a roll to work through the abdomen and…

Yin Yoga

30 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Opening into Uncertainty (Rotation, QL, Side-Body & Groin)

This class taps into our rotational capacity while working into the deep low back …

Hatha Vinyasa

60 min

Tiffany Cruikshank


Balance & Strength Flow

"The more grounded you are, the higher you fly." – J.R. Rim. This 70-minute hatha …

Hatha Vinyasa

75 min

Valerie Knopik


Even Steady Breathing (Audio Only)

A simple breathwork practice to slow down the breath, shift feelings of stress or …


10 min

Dana Diament