Welcome to
Yoga Medicine Online!

Welcome to
Yoga Medicine Online!

How To Use The Website…

Your user experience begins now. Here are some quick tips for navigating the site and locating what you need.

Weekly Wellness…

Short on time? Practice from our “Weekly Wellness” playlists: a thoughtfully curated, lineup crafted by our Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialists for a purposeful weekly plan to support your health & wellness. Check back each Sunday for new classes & an updated playlist to plan your week ahead or look through our other options to suit your needs.

Weekly Wellness

Monthly Dose…

Join us for a monthly dose of helpful therapeutic information to get the most out of your practice, with classes to bring the information to life. Use them all at once or sprinkle them throughout the month to empower you through deeper education to magnify the effects of your practice. Join us every month for a new Monthly Dose!

Monthly Dose

Weekly Live Classes…

Tap into your virtual community and practice with us live each week! These rotating classes will feature a variety of different styles, lengths and focus areas. Be sure to click “add to calendar” to not miss these special events.

Live Classes


New to Yoga or Yoga Medicine®? Let us introduce ourselves! Check out our Foundations classes taught by our Registered Therapeutic Specialists and ease into your practice.

Ready To Dive In?

Starting today, you have access to the entire Yoga Medicine Online platform that you can use as a resource to help you magnify the effects of your practice on your physiology, mobility, strength, nervous system, and stress resilience to optimize your health. More teachers, more guidance, more curated programs, and more truly purposeful content from our hearts to your home is added weekly, so check back often and enjoy.

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