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Eight Simple Thoracic Spine Stretches to Kick That Upper Back Pain Once and for All

By Kaitlin Vogel for Parade. Get ready to start threading that needle. Let’s be honest—upper [...]

10 Cures For Brain Fog: Improve Your Mental Clarity

By Editorial Team for Daily Mom. Do you suffer from brain fog? Have you ever [...]

How Caregivers Can Battle ‘Empathy Fatigue’ and Regain Their Compassion

By Erica Harrison for Seasons. The guilt and confusion are overwhelming. You desperately want to [...]

6 Major Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day from Experts

By Kiersten Hickman for The Healthy. Registered yoga teachers, doctors, and mental health professionals share their takes [...]

5 Simple Yoga Tips for Traveling: How To Stretch It All Out

By Alejandra Leyva for for Yoga Medicine®. Yoga has positively impacted many people around the [...]


The 13 Best Morning Routines, According to Experts

By Sira Mas for The Lifestyle Times. In this article we will explore some of [...]

Brilliant Brains Podcast: Tiffany Cruikshank

By Tim Samuels who interviews Tiffany Cruikshank for the Brilliant Brains Podcast. The yoga “teachers’ teacher”, [...]

Yoga for Seniors: Key Benefits & Tips to Get Started

By Alejandra Leyva for for Yoga Medicine®. “Yoga? At this age?! I’m old, I’m tired, [...]


My Favorite Non-Traditional Yoga Prop: Five Reasons to Practice Yoga with Resistance Bands

By Amanda Burks for Yoga Medicine®. You may be familiar with resistance bands from physical [...]

The Hidden Benefits of Yin Yoga

By Shannon Stephens for Yoga Medicine®. I was recently asked to discuss some of the [...]


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