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How to Practice Yoga; Return to Presence

By Eryn Dioli for Yoga Medicine®. You might think that the first step in practicing [...]

Yoga Versus Pilates: How to Figure Out Which Workout Is Better for You

By Casey Clark for The Thirty. If you’ve clicked on this story, then you’re likely [...]

The Hidden Benefits of Stretching (That You’ve Definitely Never Heard of Before)

By Rachel Land for Yoga Journal. Stretching has been experiencing something of an image problem. [...]

A Beginners Guide To Chakra Work

By Brynna Standem for Health Digest. If you’ve ever watched in wonder as a circus [...]

Muscle Weakness with Age: What’s Normal and What Can Be Done About It

By Erica Harrison for Seniors Matter. It always happens when you least expect it—that slight [...]

How to Create an Altar for Your Yoga Room

By Heather Jacoby for Yoga Medicine®. When you walk into your yoga room, what do [...]

4 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

By a Yoga Medicine® Contributor. We all know how important it is to maintain a [...]

Next Level Soul Podcast: The Power of Yoga to Change Your Life with Tiffany Cruikshank

By Alex Ferrari who interviews Tiffany Cruikshank for the Next Level Soul Podcast. Click here [...]

10 Best Yoga Mat Bags, Reviewed and Approved By a Personal Trainer

By Lindsey Lanquist for Verywell Fit. Yoga mats are bulky, awkward, and prone to unraveling. [...]

Can Pranayama & Yoga Breathing Help with Prevention & Recovery from Covid?

By Dr. Doreen Wiggins for Yoga Medicine®. Currently, studies are being conducted looking at this [...]

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