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Quick Mindfulness Tricks to Deescalate a Terrible, Stressful, No-Good Day

By Brianne Hogan for SheKnows. We’re living in stressful times, so experiencing a terrible anxiety-inducing day [...]


Bedtime Yoga: Expert Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

By Brett Larkin for Yoga Medicine®. The yoga practice has become increasingly popular in recent [...]

How to Renew Your Wellness

By Sarah Munn for Weight Watchers. National Renewal Day, which falls on May 4, is [...]

Make It Inclusive: Tips for Teaching to Neurodivergent Students in Your Group Classes

By Amanda Burks for Yoga Medicine®. Whether you know it or not, you have probably [...]


Why Coping with Stress Gets Harder as You Age, and What to Do About It

By Deb Hipp for Livestrong. As you age, stressful situations may take more of a [...]

3 Yoga Poses to Stretch & Strengthen Your Rotator Cuffs

By Tiffany Cruikshank for Yoga Journal. These exercises can help you build a supportive structure [...]

6 Reasons to Practice Yoga

By the Editorial Team for Weight Watchers. We know yoga is good for stretching, but [...]

Can Frog Pose Really Help with Pain, Circulation, Digestion, Stress, and Better Sex?

By Katie Robinson for Everyday Health. If you’ve never heard of Frog pose, TikTokers think [...]

New Research Finds Stretching May Help Guard Your Heart Against ‘Arterial Stiffness’

By Kells McPhillips for Well + Good. When you think about the best exercises for [...]

Process Your Negative Emotions in A Healthy Way — without Ever Saying A Word

By Erica Harrison for Seniors Matter. Have you ever felt at a loss for words [...]

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