10 Best Yoga Mat Bags, Reviewed and Approved By a Personal Trainer

By Lindsey Lanquist for Verywell Fit.

Yoga mats are bulky, awkward, and prone to unraveling. So toting one around can be tough—unless you have a yoga mat bag. “A yoga bag can be handy if you’re on the go,” Monisha Bhanote, MD, Yoga Medicine therapeutic specialist, says. “Plus, some yoga mat bags are great not only for your yoga mat, but also for other yoga accessories, such as straps, blocks, and towels,” she adds.

When shopping for a yoga mat bag, consider size, style, and weight. Small bags are easier to carry, but they won’t hold many accessories. Big bags can hold more equipment, but they’re heavier and harder to carry. Other features —like comfort, ventilation, and convenience—are also worth considering. “The yoga bag should provide you with both support and comfort when you’re wearing it, be machine-washable, and provide ventilation for your rolled-up mat,” Bhanote says.

To help you find the best yoga mat bag, we spent hours researching-top rated options, assessing them for size, comfort, capacity, and style. For expert advice on what to look for in a yoga mat bag, we turned to Bhanote, a yoga teacher and wellness expert.

According to our research, here are the best yoga mat bags on the market.

Our Top Picks


To learn more about these top picks and what to look for in a yoga mat bag, click here to read the full article on Verywell Fit.

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