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5 Yin-Spiring Poses for Spring

By Imogen North for Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine. Come out of hibernation with yin [...]

Interview with Dana Diament

By the Editorial Team for Home and Relax. Introduction Hello Dana, would you like to [...]

Cultivating Mindful Balance In Your Everyday Life

By Molly Black for Yoga Medicine. Since 2020, many of us have been working from [...]

10 Cures For Brain Fog: Improve Your Mental Clarity

By Editorial Team for Daily Mom. Do you suffer from brain fog? Have you ever [...]

How Caregivers Can Battle ‘Empathy Fatigue’ and Regain Their Compassion

By Erica Harrison for Seasons. The guilt and confusion are overwhelming. You desperately want to [...]

The Hidden Benefits of Yin Yoga

By Shannon Stephens for Yoga Medicine®. I was recently asked to discuss some of the [...]


A Beginners Guide To Chakra Work

By Brynna Standem for Health Digest. If you’ve ever watched in wonder as a circus [...]

How to Create an Altar for Your Yoga Room

By Heather Jacoby for Yoga Medicine®. When you walk into your yoga room, what do [...]

Quick Mindfulness Tricks to Deescalate a Terrible, Stressful, No-Good Day

By Brianne Hogan for SheKnows. We’re living in stressful times, so experiencing a terrible anxiety-inducing day [...]


Bedtime Yoga: Expert Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

By Brett Larkin for Yoga Medicine®. The yoga practice has become increasingly popular in recent [...]

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