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Beyond Topical: Mindful Movement with Tiffany Cruikshank

By Kristina Holey who interviews Tiffany Cruikshank for the Marie Veronique Blog. When most people think [...]

Postpartum Vitality

By Tiffany Cruikshank for Your Zen Mama. Through a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lens, pregnancy [...]

Forever Student Podcast: The Science Behind Yoga And How We Can Change Our Mental Landscape

By Stephan Muller who interviews Valerie Knopik for Forever Student Podcast. In this podcast, Valerie [...]

Nervous System Wellness

By Jenni Tarma for Thrive Global. The Secret Sauce of Optimal Performance Most people know that [...]

6 Night Affirmations That Will Help You Sleep

By Lauren Krouse for saatva. Stressful times call for simple and easy self-care strategies —which may [...]

How to Stop a Panic Attack in Its Tracks, According to an ER Doc

By Leah Zerbe for Dr. Axe. Emergency room doctors are trained to stay cool and [...]

What Is Vibrational Energy?

By Marney A. White for Healthline. You are a living energy field. Your body is [...]


To Track or Not to Track Your Z’s

By Sarah Munn for Weight Watchers. The pros and cons of tracking your sleep. Here [...]

Meditation Benefits Your Health More Than You Think

By Lauren Cahn for Health Digest. The word “meditation” derives from a Latin term that [...]

Back to Basics: Breath is the New Black

By Valerie Knopik for Yoga Digest. Lately I’ve been fascinated by the human brain’s proclivity [...]

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