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72: Counter Compassion Fatigue: Expert Insights with Rashmi Bismark, MD MPH

Compassion itself is vast and inexhaustible but for those who care for others, systemic factors, [...]

21: South Asian Teacher Panel with Rashmi Bismark MD MPH, Ashish Arora, Monisha Bhanote MD FCAP ABOIM & Pooja Virani

In today’s episode, we bring together four yoga teachers with personal or family roots in [...]

06: The Power of Mindfulness with Dr. Rashmi Bismark MD MPH

Today Rachel talks about the power of mindfulness with Dr. Rashmi Bismark MD MPH, a [...]

How Gratitude Can Help with Your Wellness Goals

By Sarah Munn for Weight Watchers. The concept of practicing gratitude is pretty commonplace now, [...]

Meditation Overview – 10 Minutes A Day That Can Change Your Life

By Carolyn Fagan for Psycom. Incorporating this simple self-care exercise into your day can transform [...]

What is Meditation

Have you asked yourself: what is Meditation? Dr. Rashmi Bismark M.D, Mindfulness teacher and Yoga [...]

Mindfulness and Yoga Explained: 3 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

By Dr. Rashmi Bismark M.D. for Yoga Medicine®. Dr. Rashmi Bismark M.D. explains the deep connection between mindfulness [...]

Why Breathing is Your Best Defense Against Stress

Dr. Rashmi Bismark, a Yoga Medicine® E-RYT 500 instructor, offers her advice on how different [...]

Meditation Shadow Work: Dealing with Darkness

Dr. Rashmi Bismark a Yoga Medicine teacher and contributor, shares her story of working through dark periods in [...]

Where to Meditate: Interesting Places to Meditate

Yogapedia asks people where they meditate. Read about places real people have meditated, from the crazy [...]

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