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Welcome to your Yoga Medicine® Teacher Connection Series: Sangha & Svadhyhya Online Course! We created this live format to help support our teachers with a more interactive format, however you can either attend the weekly live sessions or watch the recordings that week to stay on top of the information as it progresses – live recordings will remain available throughout the duration of the live course (but removed afterwards – you will have 30 days after Session 6 goes live to watch all the videos). The pre-recorded asana classes will only be available each week, so be prepared to stay on top of the weekly sessions. The asana classes will post the day of the first session and be available on the course page until the next week practices post.

This course has six, 1-hour live weekly sessions – one session will become available per week. Each 1-hour session will involve a mini practice, prompts for discussion and areas to reflect on during the week ahead, along with recorded practices as self-care & inspiration along the way.

This teachers series is about connection & support for our teachers, rather than educational curriculum. Therefore, it will not count as hours towards your 500-hour/1000-hour Yoga Medicine certification nor as CEUs with Yoga Alliance. Because of this, there is also no final exam or certificate provided upon completion.

Please note that there are no actual “lessons/topics” built into the course. The videos are all on the home portal – so because there aren’t any lessons/topics/exams to complete, the course will continue to say 0% complete.

Live Sessions Recordings:

Pre-Session Journal Prompts

Prior to each live session, please review and reflect on the following journal prompts:

  • Session 1:
    • What is the state of my mind, body, spirit?
    • How is the general quality of my connections with other people?
    • When I start my day, I feel…
    • What I finish my day, I feel…
  • Session 2:
    • In what ways do I feel safe and secure in my life right now?
    • In what ways do I feel challenged? When faced with adversity I feel…
    • What are your hesitations when you think about your future? Is something holding you back?
    • Name something that you are curious about exploring as a teacher (it can be a topic, workshop, future training, etc.)
    • What information do you think you need to know to understand this? What questions pop up?
    • What do you find fun or meaningful about this information?
    • Reflecting on a period in life where things were clicking well, what were the common denominators within that period (i.e., mindset, who you lived with, regularly practicing yoga, time management, etc.)?
  • Session 3:
    • How is my physical wellbeing: am I well rested, fueled, hydrated? Have I moved, strengthened, and stretched my body? Am I carrying around tension and stress (physically)?
    • How is my emotional wellbeing: am I able to track, feel, and regulate my emotions? Am I able to self-soothe and tolerate distress? Am I able to access a sense of self-connection, awareness, and feel grounded?
    • How is my social wellbeing: do I feel financially secure, secure in my home and work environment, feel a sense of belonging, and supportive relationships? In what ways has my community expanded or contracted recently?
  • Session 4:
    • What happens when you feel low? Do you work harder at things, or do you let them go?
    • Is there something you want to do but feel blocked in some way? What’s coming up?
    • What is distracting you most right now? How can you eliminate/reduce the distractions?
    • Am I self-sabotaging myself in some way? What is the pattern that leads me to self-sabotage?
    • In what ways do I measure or rank myself in comparison to others? How does that make me feel?
    • Reflect on your teaching, describe what you value most about yourself and your work.
    • What ideas do you have for how you could feel renewed, inspired, and ready for what’s next?
  • Session 5:
    • How much time are you spending with your loved ones?
    • How much time are you spending on work?
    • How much time are you spending on yourself?
    • Do I push, perform, feel the need to always say ‘yes’?
    • Do I overwhelm myself, avoid taking breaks?
    • Do I prioritize my own needs and goals?
    • Am I able to assert my needs as an act of healthy selfishness (to give to others more effectively)?
  • Session 6:
    • Look back at the exercises from previous sessions and reflect on ways you’ve become more aware of yourself and your vision in teaching. What are some takeaways from this process?
    • What do I keep gravitating toward?
    • What can I do well? What are my unique strengths and traits?
    • What trainings and courses have you taken with YM? In reflection, what is at least one take away you left with from each one?
    • Is there something you’d like to share (even if you don’t know exactly how right now)?
    • How can I take my training out into the world (this month)?
  • After Session 6 – Questions to Guide You as You Move Forward:
    • What do I excel at even when I’m not trying particularly hard?
    • What do others call on me to help them with?
    • What sorts of things would I do on an “ideal” day?
    • What do I feel is lacking in the world/my community?
    • What types of problems do I most enjoy working on?
    • Am I fulfilled by the work I am doing?
    • Am I able to support myself and my needs (including those I support)?
    • Reflect on the themes that emerge from these questions – what is one thing I can do to live more in line with my Ikigai?

Weekly YMO Support Videos

Week 6: Integration, Call to Leadership, Re-Inspire Confidence, Next Steps, Forward Momentum

Trust & Chest/Upper-Back Opening


Calming Breathwork


Flow for Embodiment


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