Conducting a Comprehensive Evaluation in a Therapeutic Setting Online Course


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Course Description

This class will teach you how to conduct an intake evaluation for students you work with one-on-one in a therapeutic setting. This online course is short and to the point with everything you need to get started. We believe this is the foundation for teaching more therapeutically oriented yoga in a one-on-one setting and essential if you want to do research. We recommend you complete this before or soon after you begin the 500/1000hr training if possible in order to complete your case studies as you go.

Note: The Conducting an Evaluation in a Therapeutic Setting course is complimentary to students and teachers once they register for a 500/1000hr training with Yoga Medicine. This course is recommended to complete prior to attending a 500/1000hr training. This is to ensure that each participant will have a working familiarity of the evaluations protocol, therefore, there will be more time to cover case studies and discussions during the trainings.

Course Details

  • How to conduct an intake evaluation for students you work with one-on-one in a therapeutic setting.
  • How to successfully construct the required case studies for the Yoga Medicine 500hr & 1000hr certifications.
  • Pen and paper for notes; but remember, a downloadable handout comes with this course.
  • No yoga props are needed for this course.
  • Course length: approximately 30 minutes of online lecture/training videos.
  • Informative course handouts available for download (including sample intake forms and a sample intake case study).
  • A course certificate after the successful completion of the online quiz.
  • This course is eligible for 1 hour of continuing education hours with Yoga Medicine® and/or Yoga Alliance.
  • This course is available on-demand and does not expire, so you can always return to practice and revisit the material to deepen your understanding over time.
  • How to conduct and intake evaluation.
  • How to extract pertinent details.
  • How to establish a therapeutic relationship.
  • Have a working familiarity of the evaluations protocol.

Jenni Tarma

About The Teacher

Tiffany Cruikshank is the founder of Yoga Medicine®. She has been teaching for over 25 years, has a pre-med Bachelor’s degree in Medicinal Plant Biology & a Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MAOM) with a specialty in Sports Medicine & Orthopedics. Tiffany was previously the Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon & has worked with over 25,000 patients.

2 reviews for Conducting a Comprehensive Evaluation in a Therapeutic Setting Online Course

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    Stacia Sleight (verified owner)

    I use this framework every single time I start with a new 1-on-1 client and periodically too as a method to “check in” to see if there are any other areas of focus we can work on. Tiffany provides a succinct, actionable checklist to guide your conversations with students – super easy to follow along with!!! I highly recommend Yoga Medicine if you want to raise your skill level and really make an impact as a Yoga teacher.

  2. Avatar

    Courtney Joubert (verified owner)

    I’ve always struggled giving “advice” to my students who have pain – not wanting to take the role of a medical provider but still having the desire to help. This course gave me the tools and mindset I needed to approach these situations with practicality and set realistic expectations with students as we navigate through their pain points together. The pain scale Tiffany teaches is such a simple, yet potent check-in modality that helps my students see their progressions over time. Great course, just signed up for one of the full length Teacher Trainings and I can’t WAIT to dive in!!

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