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    Yoga MedicineYoga Medicine

      Hello Everyone!!

      Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for starting the Myofascial Release Module Event! This discussion board is for your use and enjoyment for connecting with your group. It is very much an open space however Yoga Medicine has a zero tolerance policy for any variation of the following:
      – Divisive language towards race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.
      – Politics. We are all entitled to our opinions and to use our voice. However, there is a time and place for these viewpoints to be expressed and we do not feel a yoga training discussion board is that time or place. Thank you for respectfully refraining.
      – Advertising. This is a space to connect, not sell.
      *This list may evolve and we expect all participants to abide by the current and future terms. Yoga Medicine maintains the right to monitor and remove posts, and if need be, remove individuals. This is a resource that we hope adds to your experience by connecting with your cohort, so let’s proceed with positivity & respect.

      Thank you – Katie Tietz | YM Operations Manager

      Let’s get to know each other. Tell us a fun fact about you & how you got into yoga? 🙂

      AvatarEvelyn Mizell

        Guess I’m the first one to post. My name is Evelyn Mizell, and I live in Alexandria, VA (DC area) and have been teaching since early 2014. I got in to yoga in college but more seriously about 8 years ago to help me with stress and distance running. If all goes well in my training cycle and I’m injury free, I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon 6 weeks after this module, so Myofascial Release could not come at a better time!

        Marianne MutchMarianne Mutch

          Hello my name is Marianne Mutch.
          I believe that YOGA is a LIFE LONG journey, a reflection inward, a returning for a deep love of oneself.
          This journey brought the concept of AWAKE as a driving force in my life, not wanting to live another day without the daily practice of Yoga.
          After taking several yoga classes taught by, Michael Schaeffer at Yoga Lab Naples FL, I realized there was so much more to this amazing practice. I continued to practice yoga over the next two years and was inspired to complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Lab in 2017. Forever a student, I continue my yoga journey, growing and evolving my practice deepens and a commitment to the practice by continuing the 500hr Yoga Certification.
          I am a wife and a mother of three yellow labs. I came from a successful Healthcare career of over 20 years studying the anatomy and procedures visiting Healthcare Institutions and inspirational training mentor for representatives in the U.S. & Internationally. I have been practicing yoga everywhere in the traveling process. I landed in Naples developing my own business as a Real Estate Broker and continued to seek YOGA for life balance of the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.
          Yoga has been a life changing experience and I use the true practices of yoga daily using BREATH and MOVEMENT to reflect inward to reflect my unique light to the outside world.

          AvatarEvelyn Mizell

            Good morning. My original roommate is now unable to attend. I was wondering if anyone was without a roommate and wanted to share a double room. Thanks so much for considering!

            Evelyn Mizell

            Randi WileyRandi Wiley

              Hi Evelyn,
              I just got into this module and am without a room mate. Would love to connect about sharing a room! You can email me: This is my first Yoga Medicine training so I’m unsure how the DMs on this site work.


              Misha SteinerMisha Steiner

                Hi everyone,

                I’m so looking forward to this module in Portland!

                I have booked a room at the Benson and would love to share the room if anyone is still looking for a roommate. if you want to be on touch.



                Monika GoldMonika Gold

                  Great to see you are coming to PDX for this module, as are Lara Ederer and Valentina Venet from Seattle.

                  See in a few weeks!


                  Randi WileyRandi Wiley

                    Hello all! I am looking for a 4th female to share a Junior Suite at The Benson hotel. Please email me for more details.

                    Thank you!

                    Alison HeiligAlison Heilig

                      Hi everyone!

                      I’m Alison from the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. I am an ultra marathoner, competitive CrossFitter, and coach. I teach yoga mostly to competitive athletes and individuals with sports-related injuries. I’m also in the middle of writing a book about yoga and corrective exercise work for injury prevention in runners.

                      I got in to yoga years ago and stopped for a bunch of reasons. Then 3 years ago, as I was preparing to quit my 12-year career in corporate legal to chase my the things I’m most passionate about, I needed something to help ease in the transition. So I took my 200HR YTT.

                      Super excited for this training!

                      Ruth BrowerRuth Brower

                        Hi! I am excited to come to this training. My name is Fufi Brower–yes, call me Fufi! I live in a small town west of the DFW, Texas area, called Graham. My husband and I own a small business and we have a ranch close by our little town. I have been practicing yoga for along time, but only been an instructor for almost 3 years. I love learning and teaching yoga, and I love to share with and serve others. I am excited to get to know each of you.
                        It will be here before we know it!

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