Gratitude as Medicine

This class was created to open your heart and instill a therapeutic dose of gratitude to put things in perspective whenever you need it. This practice uses pranayama and asanas to tap into your gratitude reserves, an important element of a therapeutic practice and a helpful way to keep stress in check anytime. Research shows us that gratitude & positive thinking activate neurotransmitters and change our neural pathways, acting as a natural antidepressant & boosting our overall well-being. The first step is clearing obstacles such as resistance, tension, restlessness & distractibility with pranayama & asanas. Then we’ll shift our focus to steadiness & stability, in order to have the strength to move forward in our lives. Lastly, we’ll open and receive the nourishment of the heart. All you need is a large towel and if you have a block you can grab that too. This was a live class by donation, as a fundraiser to support our sister nonprofit organization the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation, whose mission is to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation by empowering women and children around the globe through education and entrepreneurial opportunities. If you feel so compelled to support our nonprofit you can use the link below to donate, all donations go directly to support our shelter in New Delhi, India.

Donate to the Yoga Medicine® Seva Foundation here

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Positive Psychology & Gratitude Interventions: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Gratitude & Well-Being: A Review & Theoretical Integration
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