Gratitude & Upper Back Opening

A great practice for those who sit a lot and a fun way to support better posture. This is a great class when you want it all, we’ll support the 3-dimensionality of your body, mind & spirit by addressing posture/muscles, physiology/nervous system, and your heart/spirit. We’ll work though some active and passive heart & upper back opening with a healthy dose of gratitude to put things in perspective along the way. This class starts & ends with breath work to nourish you from the inside out by supporting your nervous system & internal physiology. You’ll also have plenty of space along the way to lean into your breath and soak up the gratitude. Lots of prop options to make this accessible for all with some fun chair options at the end. At a minimum you’ll need a large bath towel or blanket. If you have them, you can also grab a chair, a bolster and 1-2 blocks.
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