7 Holistic Well-Being Strategies For The Entrepreneurs

By Dr. Monisha Bhanote for Morning Laziness.

No one ever said being an entrepreneur was going to be easy. It is like walking in the Sahara desert alone and not a single footprint in front of you to guide the way. Yet there is an immense amount of purpose propelling you forward with each sand dune you cross.

As you reach a shaded palm to regather your strength and hear only the sound of the wind, the thought of turning back often creeps in. You look back, yet something still pushes you onward.

  • It is your vision;
  • It is your motivation;
  • It is the passion that you are creating or even recreating.
  • It is something bigger and better than you could have imagined.
  • It is your journey, and it is your choice to continue to grow, learn, and evolve.

As an entrepreneur, we all know that we build our own schedules, initiate the conversations, and run the show. So what is it that causes some to turn back yet others to press forward?

There is an underlying sense of fundamental well-being that grounds the entrepreneur. With these skills, they can continually progress, pivot, and raise the bar while remaining authentic to their work. With that purpose, I selected seven holistic well-being strategies backed by research to work synergistically, give you a leading edge to propel you forward. 

1. Create a Routine with the Purpose

Every successful entrepreneur has a routine, and that routine is followed for more productive days. Some people thrive and are focused first thing in the morning. For others, creativity does not start until the sunsets. Whatever your routine may be, it should always fulfill a purpose, whether that is nourishing your body with a nutrient-dense meal, stimulating your mind with expressive writing, or restoring your spirit with restful sleep.   

2. Master Emotional Maturity

This is not the easiest of tasks to master. In fact, it is quite challenging to become self-aware. The task of understanding your emotions, their consequences, and the benefits of controlling them comes with practice. Learning to forgive and engaging in acts of kindness and compassion can increase your self-awareness. In fact, being present in the pause gives you the clarity to respond from a place of understanding and experience.  

3. Establish Healthy Boundaries

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. But if you set healthy boundaries, the collaborations can be a source of inspiration and generate creativity. With any relationship, personal or business, setting expectations, communicating your guidelines. And being straightforward can create a stronger connection and deeper trust to build your business. 

4. Design a Sacred Space 

Having a sacred space where you can spend time alone can cultivate better relationships, create stronger memories, and make you more innovative. The solitude reboots your brain and helps you unwind. Additionally, if you meditate or journal in this space, you can promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, and send positive signals to your brain. Mindful practices also allow you to show up as a better leader and entrepreneur.  

5. Nurture Your Personal Identity

Sometimes in the entrepreneurial world, we get lost in the process, especially if we are focused on what others are doing. Honor your true self by letting go of the comparison trap and know that you are enough. Allow space for your personal identity to grow and develop by living with your principles and letting go of perfection and expectations.    

6. Institute Money Priorities

With anything in life, you need a plan, and understanding your money priorities is part of the plan. To promote a sense of financial well-being, set up a budget, understand your income, monitor your expenses, and set goals. Investing in yourself is an investment in your business. So make your expenses count and have a positive rate of return.

7. Integrate Physical and Mental Release 

The human body is dynamic and works best when given a chance to surrender. Often as entrepreneurs, we feel the need to continue without rest. But it is in the rest and quiet space that our creativity can grow, and our thoughts evolve. Spend time in both physical and mental activities away from your business so you can return with a sense of purpose and momentum. 

There are many ways to navigate the entrepreneurial journey and thrive; however, you can flourish and expand to the next level when you take well-being into account. Using practical tools, where we can bridge the science of well-being with the here and now, entrepreneurs can utilize these strategies to harmoniously complement one another. The ultimate outcome will lead to an authentic experience with a high level of satisfaction, success, and purpose.

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