8 Yoga Twists (Yes, Twists!) That Actually Ease Back Pain

By Tiffany Cruikshank for Yoga Journal.

Nervous about twisting? The movement can actually benefit your spine and back. Here’s why.

If you’ve ever experienced significant back pain, twists may be a group of yoga poses you shy away from, and rightfully so. I, too, used to feel nervous in twisting poses after a disc injury a dozen years ago. But after learning the power and potential of these yoga poses both in my own body and with the students and teachers I work with, I’ve since shifted my approach.

Much like any good medicine, twists need to be taken in the proper dosage. But I’ve found that yoga—and twisting poses in particular—can alleviate back pain and discomfort when done correctly.

To learn more about your spine in twisting poses along with some twisting poses for back pain relief, click here to read the full article on Yoga Journal.

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