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How to Use Self Myofascial Release for 5 Key Areas of Your Body (Tutorial)

By Allie Geer for YogiApproved. Self myofascial release using a tennis ball increases blood flow [...]

Calf Cramps? A Short Release Practice

By Allie Geer for YourZenMama. Calf cramps?  We’ve all experienced them. Especially during pregnancy. Whether [...]

Get a Great Workout in Without Ever Leaving the House With These 25 at-Home Cardio Moves

By Shameika Rhymes for Parade. Summer is here, and thanks to vaccination efforts, the pandemic [...]

What Is MFR? Here’s Your In-Depth Guide to Self Myofascial Release

By Allie Geer for YogiApproved. Your body is composed of much more than just muscle [...]

12 Yoga Moves to Ease Uncomfortable Pregnancy Symptoms

By Amanda Tust for The Bump. Suffering from aches and pain, rising stress and a [...]

Practice This Juicy Yin Yoga Sequence to Release Your Tight Hips

By Allie Geer for YogiApproved. Let’s face it, most of us have tight hips. But luckily, Yin [...]

Try These 4 Restorative Yoga Poses to Relax Your Body & Mind

Senior Yoga Medicine® teacher and therapeutic specialist, Allie Geer, explains why the power of restorative [...]

3 Common Myofascial Release Mistakes

Senior Yoga Medicine teacher and therapeutic specialist, Allie Geer, explains three common mistakes people make [...]

An Invitation to a Calm Party Within

Allie Geer, Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist, helps you take charge of your health and [...]

Postnatal Yoga Sequence for the ‘Fourth Trimester’

Allie Geer for Yoga Journal shares a postnatal yoga routine for new mothers. This routine is calming [...]

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