How to Use Self Myofascial Release for 5 Key Areas of Your Body (Tutorial)

By Allie Geer for YogiApproved.

Self myofascial release using a tennis ball increases blood flow and circulation, promotes mobility, and eases muscle tension in our bodies.

This article will illustrate five uses for relief with just a tennis ball.

Take a few moments out of your day and either pick one area or all to mobilize and rehydrate before you get back on the road to enjoy a day of fun and adventure.

Before Starting Your Self Myofascial Release Practice, Read This

Remember: When using a tennis ball on your body, the sensation should never be sharp, shooting, or painful.

Sometimes there might be tenderness and that’s okay. But if the sensation elicits a painful response, move above or below that area and make sure that the sensation feels helpful.

Do not push beyond pain. When it comes to self myofascial release, less is definitely more.


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