Turn A New Leaf This New Year: 3 New Ways To Improve You!

By a Yoga Medicine® Contributor.

The new year is here, and so are the New Year’s resolutions. The new year is a symbol of new beginnings for most, and although we all want to put our best foot forward, it can be a lot easier said than done.

With most resolutions failing by the second week of February, turning a new leaf can seem almost impossible. However, if you’re not ready to give up, then read on for tips that will help you not only improve your life but also improve your mindset.

Practice Mindful Living

Life gets stressful and hectic often, and although that’s normal, living with constant anxiety or stress can have negative effects on all aspects of your health and life. Especially with the last two years, you might feel unsure how to shake the anxious energy out of your life. Start the new year with a new mindset. Mindful living centers around being present, while taking the time to reflect and appreciate yourself and the people around you.

Practicing mindfulness starts with centering yourself. Start each morning with a simple mediation and stretch to create simple habits. Taking a midday walk without your phone or setting an intention before an activity will keep you in check. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, then find outlets that help you relax your mind and body. There are a plethora of yoga sequences for anxiety as it helps soothe an overactive nervous system, and uses breath work to boost your overall well being.

Focus On Physical Health

With the new year around the corner, we tend to make unrealistic New Year’s resolutions when it comes to our physical health. Whether that be jumping into a new gym membership, or buying a whole wardrobe dedicated to working out, only to be back on the couch and avoiding the gym by the end of January. Although this is a lot more common than you think, don’t fall into your yearly habit and set attainable goals for yourself this new year.

Start by focusing on one goal at a time. It’s great that you are eager to challenge yourself, but setting too many goals can leave you feeling impatient and frazzled. Be realistic with yourself—having confidence that you can achieve your goal will keep you motivated, even if things get hard. Exercise isn’t all about lifting weights or cardio, especially if you don’t enjoy it. If you’re looking to move your body, then incorporate yoga into your workout routine. Creating a plan that speaks to your mind and body will create a positive relationship between you and physical activity.

Change Up Your Look

Come 2022, consider refreshing the old you. More often than not, we get stuck in a routine with our daily appearance, and although your sweatpants might be an easy go-to look, use the new year to feel your best. Make simple and easy changes to your appearance to help elevate your look, and focus on making yourself feel good again. Start by pinpointing the areas where you tend to feel the most unhappy and go from there.

If you have always struggled with dull hair, then focus on treatments or products that bring shine to your hair, or a haircut that creates volume in the hair. If you are experiencing hair loss, and can’t shake the feeling of unhappiness, then consider finasteride pills to promote thicker hair and slow hair loss. Don’t be ashamed if insecurities lead to you wanting a revamp. Transforming your look should center around making yourself happy. Allow yourself to be excited by the change, and remember to invest in your happiness.

Be Kinder To You

How often are you giving yourself the self-love you need? Self-love has many benefits, from creating a more positive attitude towards our day-to-day life to encouraging self-improvement. However, setting aside time can be easier said than done. Spending quality time with yourself or picking up a new hobby are easy ways to show yourself some love.

If you’ve never been one to spend any time on yourself, then carve out some time for your own self- care routine to boost your mood and help you break from your everyday routine. Spending some time on your skin-care routine or even your hair will signal your brain to get in the right headspace and help you feel more productive throughout the day. Prioritizing yourself and your needs will create greater life satisfaction and encourage you to pick up healthy habits.

Don’t let the pressure that comes with the New Year make you feel like you have to overhaul your life, and become a whole new person. The New Year is all about new beginnings, so focus on the journey of self-improvement and your New Year’s resolutions will follow.

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