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What Is MFR? Here’s Your In-Depth Guide to Self Myofascial Release

Your body is composed of much more than just muscle and bone.

Fascia is an interconnected system within the body that moves from superficial to deep to visceral. It is one, continuous layer of connection that exists in the body from head to toe, front to back, and side to side.

This fascia surrounds your bones and organs. It connects bone to bone and muscle to bone. It surrounds groups of muscles and individual muscles – down to every last muscle spindle.

Your fascia plays a huge role in how your body interprets the world around you and in how your body communicates.

Within the last decade, fascia has become an important aspect of research for movement professionals and scientists all over the world. Through the study of fascia, we are learning the important role it plays in our ability to adapt and become resilient as a species.

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About the Author

Allie Geer

Allie Geer

Allie began her practice of yoga in 2006, after she was involved in a traumatic car accident.  She found that alternative medicine, yoga and meditation was an excellent way to handle pain both physically and emotionally.   In 2012 she completed a 200 hour intensive teacher training program at Samahita Retreat Center in Koh Samui, Thailand with Stephen Thomas.  Allie became pregnant in early 2013 at which point she began looking for complementary practices. She completed an 85 hour prenatal training with Sue Elkind. The journey through pregnancy and birth brought her the closest to her practice.  Allie is currently enrolled in the 1000 hour advanced teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine. Allie specializes in one on one private therapeutic sessions, myofascial release, and pre/post natal yoga. Yoga has become a lifestyle choice for Allie and brings much happiness and joy to her daily life.  It is her hope to be of service and to share this experience with others through her classes, teacher trainings, private sessions, and workshops. Allie currently teaches in Colorado. For more information you can visit her website:

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