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How to Create the Ideal Space to Practice Yoga at Home: Experts Tips

By Cassandra Rosas for Porch. Whether you are an avid yoga practitioner or completely new [...]

Ayurveda 101: Self Care Using The 5 Elemental Approach

By Cristina Kuhn for Yoga Digest. 2020 has brought significant transformation to all of our [...]

Let’s All Take A Collective Breath

By Leah Zerbe for Republican Herald. Your breath directly affects your mind. And the quality [...]

Ayurveda In 2020: Why This 5,000-Year-Old Practice Is Still As Relevant As Ever

By Julia Guerra for MindBodyGreen. If you’re an avid yogi, swear by oil pulling, practice intermittent fasting, [...]

Self-Care Yoga for Stressful Times

By Cristina Kuhn for Thrive Global. Simple steps you can take to rest, repair and [...]

What These 6 Top Yoga Teachers Look For In A Good Yoga Mat

By Jessica Berlin for Infinity YogaMats. You love yoga! Maybe you’ve just recently discovered yoga and how [...]

The Definitive Yoga Guide for Everyone

Tiffany Cruikshank and the Yoga Medicine Team share a comprehensive yoga guide with Healthline. Check out this guide for [...]

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